Priya and Jugal

Proposal 2

How We Met

We’ve been best friends for almost 6 years now and dating for 2 and a half. When we were friends that’s all it was, just best friends. There was never any attraction between us until one day when we both looked at each other a certain way and something just clicked. Ever since then we realized we were meant to be…

how they asked

I had just graduated earlier in the day from my Respiratory Therapy program. All my friends and family were downstairs “having a drink” while I went to change into a fun beach dress. As we got downstairs and I was walking down the steps my heart was pounding out of my chest. I could see him waiting for me, rose petals on the floor, him smiling bigger than I’e ever seen. At that very moment I knew my angel mother was with me. I got down to him after it seemed like eternity and just about lost it. He asked me to marry him and I looked up to the sky to thank my angel. She gave me the answer to every prayer and wish I ever had. The answer was him.


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