Priti and James

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At the Greene in front of the Christmas Tree

How We Met

We both have different versions of how we met. I believe James randomly added me on Facebook because I was cute lol he says he saw me at the Ludacris Concert at Ohio State University and a mutual friend of ours told him about me.

How They Asked

A year back, I created a scavenger hunt for James a date night. He decided to finally do one for me. He had me go to places that was special to us: I went to Fetch, the puppy store, and I was instructed to take some time to play with a puppy. I was not opposed to that! Next clue took me to Sake, the sushi place we always go to. He had already ordered a Philadelphia roll for me. I was happy because I was definitely hungry! The next clue had me at the gym! Thank God he did not have me do squats (even though he said he was thinking about it). Next I was at the book store at the Greene Mall. The clues had me at the register where the cashier had a cookie magazine ready for me! The final clue had me ending up in front of the Christmas tree at the Greene! I finally found James! There was a stocking on the tree with my name on it with yet another clue where I had to figure out what the sentence spelled out! While I’m doing that, he takes a ring pop out of the stocking and he asks to marry him. I of course just start laughing because we always joked about him giving me a ring pop when he proposed. I didn’t think much of it as I’m still doing the sentence. When I finally finished, it spelled out “Will you marry me?” I said yaaa jokingly because why would he ask me now! As I’m eating my ring pop, he pulls a box out of the stocking and he gets down on one knee and truly proposes! I was shocked, surprised, excited and just full of emotion! He had asked me before in front of the same tree a few years back when we did a scavenger hunt with out Sunday School class where one of the tasks was to propose in public. He said he had unfinished business there! Truly the happiest day of my life!

Proposal Ideas At the Greene in front of the Christmas Tree