Priscilla and Lucho

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How We Met

Lucho and I met back in high school. When I was 15 years old, a mutual friend came to my house to hang out and brought my now-fiance along with him. The day we met, Lucho spent most of his time making fun of me, must have been his way of flirting with me I guess. At one point, I told him that I felt sorry for whoever he dated because he would just spend his time making fun of them, haha, little did I know where we would end up together. We quickly became good friends and he ended up being my best friend for the next four years. Every morning at school, Lucho and I would sit together, share headphones and listen to music. After 5th period, his class was right next to mine so he would always walk with me to 6th period. We talked every day through insta messenger until I got a phone and we could finally text. We were each other’s go-to’s for everything including relationship advice.

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In college, we grew closer and Lucho was my ride home a lot of the days. I started to sense a difference in the way he behaved towards me and I could tell he wanted to grow closer to me. One day, he decided to take a risk and tell me how he felt. At first, I didn’t reciprocate, Lucho had strictly been my friend for years so it was difficult for me to see him as anything else besides that, I told him that I would think about it. We kept hanging out but now he was trying to pursue me romantically. He would open doors for me, take me out to lunch, and even wrote me a letter about what I meant to him. I remember he told me that he felt he would never find anyone like me and that he cared for me deeply and wanted to make me happy. I decided to give our relationship a chance and we quickly fell in love. Our relationship has had its bumps and bruises but we have never forgotten how much we love each other and how much our friendship means to us. I can truly say that to this day, he is my best friend.

how they asked

Fast forward to seven years into our relationship, we found ourselves in Phoenix, Arizona with some of closest friends. A proposal in Arizona had actually crossed my mind but my fiance seemed so calm while we were there that I really didn’t think he was going to propose to me on that trip. Lucho had planned the proposal months in advanced and planned to proposed on Devil’s Bridge. We hiked about two miles to the natural bridge and one our way up, Lucho told me he had an idea for a picture and asked if I would model for him and I said sure! Since all of us in the group are photographers, I didn’t find his request to be anything out of the ordinary. The hike up wasn’t easy and we took plenty of breaks and little did I know that he was recording our adventure to make a video for us later.

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Lucho called me over the bridge and asked me to turn around while he got something for his camera out of his bag and at that point I suspected something was up. I faced our friends and they all had their cameras pointed at me and then I really knew something was about to happen. I actually watched his shadow on the ground out of the corner of my eye and saw him get down on one knee and my heart was beating so fast. Our friend screamed for me to turn around and that’s when I saw the love of my life on one knee with a ring in his hand. He asked “Will you marry me?” and of course I said “YES!” Our friends hugged us, congratulated us and celebrated with us.

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I was so happy and of course cried tears of joy.The proposal was perfect because we had our amazing friends share the moment with us, and it doesn’t hurt that they are all amazing photographers and captured some perfect moments. Lucho knew how much that meant to me. A huge thank you to Vanessa, Tola, Woo & Leo for capturing these moments for us. We even met some amazing people who offered to give us a ride back to our car and provided our team with water, it was a real life saver. On the way home, we witnessed the most beautiful sunset, purple and yellow skies over the mountain tops and the song “yellow” by Coldplay started playing on spotify at the perfect moment, I of course cried my eyes out. Everything about that day was perfect, I’m so excited that this is only the beginning of the adventures to come. I can’t wait to be his wife.

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