Priscilla and Joseph

Proposal Ideas The Montage at Laguna Beach, CA

How They Asked

My little sister, Jay, is a photographer and she told me she was working on her new website. She asked for my help to get new content for the site by being her model for a day.

I was hesitant and told her I wasn’t sure I wanted to be her model. My older sister, Grecia, ended up convincing me to do it. Grecia is an HR Director for the Viceroy Hotel and told me that her boss had gifted her a gift card to the Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach, CA. She suggested that we do the photo shoot at the montage.

I couldn’t help but be excited to have a sister day that was long overdue! Being at gorgeous Montage was a bonus.

My boyfriend, Joseph, of 3 and a half years told me he would be out of town to have a boys day. This worked out perfect for us both of us.

The night before the shoot, my sisters had me do fittings. The first outfit they wanted to photograph me it would be in workout apparel and the last would be flowy dresses.

The morning of our photo shoot came. I woke up bright and early and took my time getting pretty, extensions in my hair for extra length, lashes, makeup, I was ready to go! Wait but first, we had to make a stop at Starbucks for my usual (coffee and oatmeal).

We arrived at the Montage and started shooting the first workout outfit in my brand new all black Yeezys (gifted by my lovely man just days before)!

15 minutes into that outfit my sisters began rushing me to get out of that outfit and change into the flowy romper what was supposed to be the last outfit to shoot. I was slightly annoyed but got over it and changed into something nicer.

Priscilla and Joseph's Engagement in The Montage at Laguna Beach, CA

We proceeded to walk up a beautiful pathway to a spot my sister really wanted to get pictures at. There was a wedding going on at the Montage. The Bride was walking behind us with her bridal party at some point before we made it up to the pathway.

We finally make it to the top of a cliff that overlooks Laguna beach. I then notice the most beautiful set up on this cliff- flickering white candles at every inch of the cliff and white rose petals delicately placed in the center. I was convinced this set up was for the bride that was behind me. I thought this was where her ceremony would take place.

Little did I know all of this was for me!! Joseph appeared out of nowhere saying “hi babe”. My heart immediately sunk and adrenaline hit. At that moment, I knew something MAJOR was about to happen. He held my hand and walked me to the center of the cliff. He got down on one knee, pulled out the dreamiest diamond ring I’d ever seen and said “I love you more than anything. Baby, will you marry me?”

I leaned over to kiss him and say YES! Sticking out my hand anxiously to for him to PUT A RING ON IT! We hugged and cried with happiness. I ran to hug my sisters and friends. My sister got the most amazing photographs of the most special moments in our lives. I couldn’t believe how much detail and sweetness went into our proposal. I am head over heels in love and can’t wait for our future together. I love you, Joseph!

Special Thanks

Jeanette Arvizu
 | Photographer