Priscilla and Jordan

Priscilla and Jordan's Engagement in Lido Island, Newport Beach, CA

How We Met

We began as friends. We were close friends for 3 years until Jordan had asked me to grab dinner with him one night. After our first date, we had been completely inseparable since.

How They Asked

Jordan took me to lunch at one of our favorite spots right on the beach. We walked around the area after lunch and looked at all the stores in the area. During this time Jordan was stressing over the timing and details of how he was going to ask. Once we reached the middle of the pier Jordan asked to take his picture of me in front of the water; which I hesitated to do because there were clearly photographers that were taking photos (which I thought was on the ocean and the boats). After I took a few photos he asked me to turn around to take a photo of me facing the ocean.

As I turned he got down on one knee and asked the most important question of my life. “Will you marry me?” I, of course, said YES! After my sobbing had subsided I heard screaming in the background, which I thought were random bystanders. Once Jordan had pointed it out, I realized my family and friends were on two boats out on the water. They were able to dock and celebrate!

Where to Propose in Lido Island, Newport Beach, CA

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Steph and Alex Portugal
 | Photographer