Priscilla and John

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Hyatt Regency Estero Florida

How We Met

We meet in 2012 at a New Years Eve house party in Jacksonville Florida. At the time John was in Physician Assistant school and I was in my undergrad for nursing at University of central Florida. Initially, John kept trying to talk to me all night and I at first I wasn’t interested. A lot of the party was outside and everyone was hanging out and having side conversations when I overheard John mention he had a pug.

What’s funny is John was talking to another girl and I was talking to another man when we completely stopped talking to those people and him and I continued to talk about how each of us owned a pug back home. Needless to say, we hit it off and he was my kiss at midnight. Every weekend after that John drove 2.5 hours to Orlando to visit me until he moved there 6 months later when he graduated.

how they asked

Ok, so John and I moved to Fort Myers Florida after I got into nursing school at nova southeastern university (same school John graduated from in Jacksonville). John is still a PA and he frequently has events with representatives from other companies such as dinner parties and gold events. Well, John close rep friends company was having a Christmas party and we were invited. There was an invitation and everything, the event was supposed to be held at the Hyatt Regency resort Estero. Well, we get to the resort and meet his friend at the door who explained we were early and we should get drinks at the bar, (to which I had no complaints).

Priscilla and John's Engagement in The Hyatt Regency Estero Florida

On the way to the bar, the representative’s wife asked if I could accompany her to the bathroom so that she could adjust her bra that keeps unsnapping. So we’re in there and the guys went to the “bar”. As we begin to walk outside she guides me to doors where John is standing in a heart shaped out of petals. With giant balloons that spelled “will you marry me”. Omg, I have never ugly cried more than that moment. It was a complete surprise and turns out there was no Christmas party it was a fake. His closest family and my family were all present. His flew from Delaware and my sister had surprised me and flown in from North Carolina. Best day ever!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The Hyatt Regency Estero Florida

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Hyatt Regency Estero Florida

Proposal Ideas The Hyatt Regency Estero Florida

Priscilla's Proposal in The Hyatt Regency Estero Florida

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