Priscilla and James

How We Met

James and I met in high school. He was in a band and I was in a choir. Naturally, we became friends. I remember thinking he was super shy, but also very sweet and polite. Because we were in different grades, we didn’t speak so much, but we always shared a wave and friendly glance when passing through the halls.

Like most people, following graduation, we went our separate ways, but James being involved in non-profit work, remembered that I sing, so he would reach out to me from time to time to see if I was available to volunteer. One particular year, he asked if I would be willing to sing for a community event he was organizing. I said yes and just like that we reconnected. Our love story, however, wouldn’t happen for a few more years as the timing wasn’t right. We truly viewed each other as just friends.

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Fast forward to 2014, and my little cousin is telling me about one of her new teachers at the high school I graduated from. I believe her words were, “Girl, do you know who Mr. Mackey is?! He would be perfect for you!” It’s funny how the people closest to us can see the very things that we don’t yet see. James and I would later reconnect over dinner that week where I would find out that he always thought fondly of me, but never thought I would be interested in going out with him. After our first date, it was obvious to us both that we were meant to be and just like that, we were.

How They Asked

It was a normal Friday. I got up ready to head to work when I received an email from my boss saying “Good morning Priscilla, enjoy your day. You are off.” I then receive a second email from James containing a full day itinerary and instructions to get ready for Activity 1.

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We head into Manhattan for our first activity, stepping up curbside to the great Radio City Music Hall. I initially think he’s taking me to see a show since we both love music so much, but No. Instead, we are directed to the inside of the theater where we receive VIP passes for a private backstage tour. We walk into many rooms and learn all about the building’s long culture and its historical impact on music and of course, New York. I am seated at the table Judy Garland once sat and walk in the rooms that some of my favorite artists, like Whitney Houston, once stood. We conclude our tour standing atop the Radio City Hall stage, overlooking the theater in all its grandeur. It is here James looks at me and tells me, “no matter where life leads, I will always believe in you and your dreams”… speechless.

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Priscilla and James's Engagement in Oheka Castle

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We then head back into the car for our second activity. I am overwhelmed and excited all at the same time. We are looking up at the tallest building in NY, the great World Freedom Tower. When we walk inside everyone is being grouped into tours, but James set up a private tour just for us. We step into our own elevator and in 60 seconds are shot up high in the sky, overlooking all of New York in the tallest building of the Western Hemisphere. It is here James says, “I wanted to take our love to the top of the world.” We conclude Activity 2 with a lunch overlooking all of Manhattan and the greatest view I have ever seen… breathless.

Activity 3 requires an evening gown, some heels, and my best perfume because we are going somewhere special for dinner. As we drive down the long driveway, I remember thinking this day can’t possibly get any better, but just like that, it does. The most beautiful castle comes to view, the historic and grand Oheka Castle. We are seated in the Charlie Chaplin room, who if you don’t know is one of James and I most beloved actors. We enjoy a beautiful meal when James presents me with a wrapped gift. Inside, are written vows and the question of all questions…“Will you marry me?”

Without hesitation, I say “yes.”

It was truly a fairy tale come to life being proposed to in a castle by my forever prince. I know that we are blessed beyond measure for finding the truest love rooted in friendship; for friendship is the sweetest form of love from which the heart sings.

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