Priscilla and Daniel

How We Met

We met at work in August of 2012. I worked Graveyard. He worked the morning shift. I was the friendly dispatcher who always said “good morning” to all the drivers. He was the reserved Service Manager who I would be lucky enough to even get a Hello out of. He came in late one morning. I joked about having to give him a wake-up call to make sure he gets to work on time. From there we started talking a little more every day. Developing a friendship. The next time he came in late he said it was because I didn’t call and wake him up.

That was his slick way of “giving me” his number. From there we started texting and talking every day. We because best of friends who told each other everything. We could joke around and be ourselves with each other. We began spending more and more time together. About a year into our wonderful friendship we couldn’t think of anything to do one night so we decided to take a mini road trip up the coast. No destination in mind. The whole way up the coast we laughed and talked nonstop and genuinely enjoyed each others company. We ended up in Santa Barbara. That trip was when I realized that my feelings for him were more than just a friendship. And well, as they say, the rest is history.

how they asked

It was March 4, 2017. His birthday. He planned it on his birthday because he said it was the only day he figured I wouldn’t suspect it. (Apparently, nothing gets past me. Lol) We were going to Disneyland. I booked a hotel and made reservations at a restaurant in Downtown Disney. (Because here I thought I was planning his birthday). That morning we dropped our daughter off with my mom. I saw her hand, Daniel, a bottle of champagne and heard her tell him “to celebrate with later” I asked what that was for she said, “oh, for his birthday!” I didn’t think anything of it. We checked into the hotel and off we went to play at Disneyland. We had a few drinks at California adventure and was just enjoying our time together. After a few hours, we went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. As I was finishing getting ready he went down to the car to get his cologne (I later figured out that’s when he got the ring, see nothing gets past me. Lol) We got back to Downtown Disney and just walked around while we waited for our reservations. He was acting a little different. Couldn’t stay still and kept wanting to walk different places. We had passes for Disneyland so nothing was really new to us so it was a little weird.

As you may know, Disneyland has metal detectors. Every time we walked through them Daniels heart would race afraid it would go off and he would have to take the ring out of his pocket and I would see it. The last time we walked through them, it went off. He looked nervous and I was afraid maybe he forgot to take his pocket knife out before we left the hotel. Turns out it was the zipper on his boots that made it go off. That was a close one. We had dinner on the second-floor balcony of The Jazz Kitchen overlooking Downtown Disney. It was Beautiful. It was a Saturday night so everything was busy. There were two other couples out on that small balcony with us. During the length of our dinner, he repeatedly put his hands in his pocket, would look around and take a deep breath. I knew something was on his mind. Every time I asked he would just comment on how there were so many people there. (There was a total of 6 including us on that balcony) I knew something was up. After dinner, we walked around trying to find something to do that wasn’t too crowded (his request) on a Saturday night at Disneyland. This was near impossible.

We ended up at Trader Sam’s out by the fireplace. There were maybe 6-8 other people out there. One thing you need to know about Daniel is that he does not like to put himself out there and he hates being the center of attention. We sat down and were waiting for the waitress to come by to take our order when he commented on how crowded it was. I began to get a little frustrated seeing as we were at Disneyland and he knows how crowded it gets on a Saturday night. I offered to take another walk instead. He agreed. We walked past the rose garden and ended up at the Escape Gazebo at the Disneyland Hotel no one was around. He was finally satisfied. Right after we sat down he took a deep breath and stood up turned towards me and got down on one knee. Handshaking, he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him the question I’ve been waiting years to hear. I, of course, said “YES” followed by something along the lines of “it’s about time”.

Special Thanks