Priscilla and Collin

How We Met

In January of 2015, I moved to Austin, TX to start my first year as a PT student. PT school was one of the most intense and difficult experiences of my life but it was totally worth it as it led to me to meeting so many awesome people..including the man of my dreams. I met Collin for the first time in January of 2016 at a bar watching the Alabama vs. Clemson game. It was a quick introduction and I didn’t think much of. It wasn’t until I met him for the second and even a third time that I couldn’t help but wonder who he was. We had plenty of mutual friends and even passed each other at school on more than one occasion. I assume he wondered the same about me as we exchanged numbers and started getting to know each other.

Fast forward to May, Collin finally invited me out. It was a simple “Hey my roommate and I were thinking about checking out two-step classes at Dance Across Texas if you wanna join”. I can remember getting the butterflies as soon as I read the text. Of course, I immediately screenshot and sent it to my best friend, Bre, who replied: “You’re going!” And so I went. I can remember being so nervous as I sat in my car convincing myself looking at the clock and trying to make sure my timing was right. As soon as I walked in, Collin spotted me from across the room and smiled. He immediately walked right over, grabbed my hand and said: “Come on!” Needless to say, this was our very first date and this was the night he won me over. In the midst of finishing PT school, studying for Boards and trying to start a career. Collin is originally from a small town in Louisiana and I knew it was very possible that he could be moving back to Louisiana after graduation so I made sure to share a couple of my favorite Texas things with him. It wasn’t long after that, I took him to Gruene, Texas. Gruene is this little historic district on the rive tucked just outside of New Braunfels with the oldest dance hall in Texas, great live music, and some of the best food. We put our name on the list at The Gristmill and decided to take a little walk during our wait. We didn’t get too far when we found a couple of rocking chairs. To this day, that night is still one of my fondest memories of us.

Collin made time every week the rest of that summer to spend time with me. We celebrated the 4th of July watching the Fireworks on Town Lake, rode bicycles down Rainey Street, bet on Turtle Races at Little Woodrows, went to a concert at Nutty Brown, visited Amy’s Ice Cream, and almost every other Austin thing you could think of. I truly enjoyed every minute of it! After he graduated, we made things official. He Moved back to Louisiana for a short time before starting his first job and I stayed in Austin to finish up PT school.

How They Asked

Let me start by saying, this morning stating like most of our Saturday mornings..Our dogs waking us up, drinking coffee on the balcony and making plans for the day. Little did I know this was going to be one day that I’ll never forget. One of my best friends, Lauren text me the night before asking if we had plans and if we could meet up as she was visiting her fiance’s family nearby. This was not out of the ordinary as we live about an hour away from each other and try to make plans whenever we’re close to the other’s home. For Christmas, my family exchanges names for Secret Santa and one of the gifts that we needed to buy just so happened to be from a Winery in Gruene. I told Lauren that we would be in Gruene for most of the day and invited her and her fiance to meet us there.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Gruene, TX

It had been a little while since the last time we had seen Lauren and Lance so we spent most of the day catching up. We decided to just stay in Guene for the day and check out who was playing in Gruene Hall that afternoon. We must’ve been there for an hour or so before we decided to figure out where we would grab dinner. Collin suggested one of the restaurants down by the river. As we were walking towards the restaurant, we stumbled upon that same little spot with the rocking chairs. I walked right into the little gazebo and sat down in one of the rocking chairs and told Lauren “This is one of the spots I brought Collin to when we first started dating.” We were all sitting in the gazebo when a woman wandered up to us and said “Hi, I’m a new photographer in the area and am trying to build my portfolio.

Priscilla and Collin's Engagement in Gruene, TX

Would it be okay if I took some pictures of Y’all?” She handed each of us a business card and we all kind of just looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and said: “Yeah sure!” She took a picture of the four of us then asked if she could take pictures of each of us as a couple. Lauren and Lance took a couple of pictures together. Then she asked Collin and I if she could take our picture, We took a couple of pictures then I notice Collin start to move and as I look over my shoulder I realize he is down on one knee. This was one of those moments that happen in the movies. One of those moments, that I have only dreamed of and it was actually happening in real life. I remember he had the biggest smile on his face and he calmly asked: “Will you marry me?”. To which I immediately responded “YES!”

This was one of the biggest moments of my life and I was just incredibly overjoyed. I had tears in my eyes and was so in shock that it took me a minute or two to realize there were other people walking towards me. As I look up, I see my parents and siblings. This was something they had been watching from afar and finally were able to come, surprise me. To this day I still cannot believe how incredibly lucky I am. Not only did he plan one of the biggest moments of our lives in my favorite place but he was able to make sure that some of my favorite people were there to share it with us.