Priscilla and Anthony

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How We Met

I have known Priscilla basically my whole life! So it’s difficult to say how we met, but I’ll tell you how I fell in love with her instead. We both grew up in church and she caught my eye immediately. Since just about the beginning of 8th grade (unknown to her) I had already formed a typical “crush”. How could I not? In my mind, she was the perfect girl. She was beautiful, and went to church, and even talked to me…the guy who, early on, pretty much kept entirely to himself. We became incredible friends and talked all the time. I found myself in the all too common “friend zone”. Time went on, and by Sophomore year of High School, I finally told her how I felt about her. And, although she’ll tell you she said she felt the same way immediately…she made me wait for three days! Here I thought she was shocked and appalled at the idea and wanted to forget about the whole thing and somehow remain just friends. But when she finally did address it, I was relieved when she told me our feelings were mutual! Time went on (a lot of it), and all the while my love for her grew and grew.

how they asked

So today, much like any other day when Anthony is in town, I was anxious to get up and hangout with him. But… He told me I couldn’t come over until 11:30 am, are you kidding me!? He had told me prior that he wanted to take me on a date, which wasn’t unusual because he likes being romantic and all that jazz so I didn’t read too much into it. When I arrived at his home he asked if I wanted to play games with his family, I was a little confused but I went a long with it.. for 3 hours!! Finally, around 3:00 pm he asked me if I was ready for our date, almost emphatically I said “uhh YES”. He told me he would meet me in the car, so I went on ahead. He arrived at the car with a large black bag oddly shaped, and his backpack bulging with who knows what. My mind began to race with all the possibilities; my suspicions were raised, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. ​He got in the car and pulled out a clear zip lock baggie that was filled with tiny strips of paper.

Every piece had a memory we shared together, or a fun fact he recalled about me from over the years. (at this point I was pretty sure where things were headed) He proceeded to hand me a disposable camera, (knowing my love of photos) telling me that this is how we would document our adventure. By now he had mostly allowed me to know his intentions, and began to explain the plans and guidelines for our date. He said, “Today is going to be like a walk down memory lane, to all the places of significance in our relationship”. (like I said he has a thing for being romantic) “Throughout the drive you can pull out 1 memory/fact at a time and I will elaborate on it.” I was so excited, giddy, and all things girly which was a strange feeling to say the least. We left his house and headed to the shopping center where I used to work in high school; the same spot he asked me to go to prom with him. A while ago we had put our initials on the overpass near by, (like any good cliché movie) and when we went to see them someone had painted over it. (kind of ruining his plan ha) He wasn’t about to allow that to foil the sentimentality so he grabbed a sharpie from the car, and put it back! Mildly proud to say he vandalized all of his own accord, starting to see a little bit of me here and there in him. Then we scurried off to our next stop.. Next on our adventure was a big hill we used to lay on after our young adults group to talk about life and dream about the future. Kind of just a sappy stop but super sweet that he remembered the little things too.

All the while pulling out little fun fact/memory strips and reminiscing together. I specifically liked this one, “you told me when we were younger that your favorite candy was a lollipop because it’s fun to say” As I finished reading this aloud, he reached into his “Mary Poppins black bag” and pulled out 2 of my favorite flavors! We arrived next at our church which holds a lot of memories for the both of us. This is the place we first met, first said “I love you” to each other, and where he asked me to be his “girl” (because at that time we were too young to date for real). We walked around the church revisiting the “good ol days”. Then to my personal favorite stop where we took our prom photos! This was to commemorate and remember our first ever “real date” our high school prom. He was sweet enough to even run around and “re-take” prom photos with me on our disposable camera. Turns out it’s a whole lot harder to take those photos without a photographer, but we managed…sort of. After running around like we were 17 again, it was time for our next stop!

Seeing as we are high school sweethearts it only seems fitting that he take me back to his high school (I was home schooled). I was able to attend his band competitions, and football games he performed for, you know all the stereotypical things people do when they’re young and in love. Another one of my favorite facts/memories happened here. The strip said “I know you love the Dallas Cowboys, and I love you” which in turn meant that he was going to put on his Dallas jersey (don’t worry I have photographic evidence)! There are also trails that link between his school, and the soccer fields he used to play at. Back in the day we would go on walks between the two, it was only about a 20 minute trip. As I remembered how we used to do this I jokingly said “man I’m glad you aren’t making me walk that trail again, I did not wear walking shoes” he was like “Oh…ha…of course not….” (I unknowingly spoiled his plans…oops!). So he improvised and we hopped back in the car again.

We arrived at the soccer fields right before dusk, and he drove up a maintenance entrance in efforts to make the walk shorter for me and my “walking shoes”. Once we parked (as I’m freaking out because I think my car is going to get towed since we were not in a parking area) he let me read the rest of the baggie of cute memories/facts. When we finished he came over and opened my car door. I stepped out and he went to the back seat to get something. He pulled out a dozen red roses, held them for a moment, and explained why he brought them. He told me, “I’ve wanted to give you red roses since I gave you the two yellow ones at prom. Back then, I bought yellow because they represented friendship, even though I knew I was already in love with you. So here are 12 red roses to make up for all the times I couldn’t or didn’t tell you I loved you. I loved you then, and I love you now”. It was quite possibly the sweetest moment we had shared in some time. But he wasn’t done, he also pulled out a bouquet of sunflowers. His explanation for these was “these are you’re favorite flower, and you love them” slightly less mushy but equally adorable.

Priscilla Hope and Anthony N's Engagement in Northern Virginia

The final destination required a short walk. We began walking to the trails between his school and the park and I could sense that the date was nearing its end. So I said to him, “Does this adventure come with tissues? Because I might need some..”. He proceeded to turn around and get some napkins from the car. As we walked, he began talking about all the reasons he loved me, what we’ve accomplished together, and how far we have come. He covered just about every important moment and step from our 15 year old selves having Facebook conversations to our keeping in touch while he was away in college. We arrived at a beautiful spot with an opening in the trees. Once we had stopped walking, he turned to me, finished his thoughts, and stole my breath away by getting down on one knee.

Everything I had anticipated, was happening. My eyes began to well up with tears, to the point I could barely see straight. Down on his knee he pulled out a beautiful red ring box. My crying had passed the point of no return, I was so shocked, excited, and overwhelmed! He opened the box, and all I saw was a thin strip of paper! I thought maybe it was just my blurry vision at first, he then told me “this is the final memory I wanted to share with you today”. I took the slip of paper and it read “remember that time I proposed?”. The water works started all over again, as you can imagine my heart is racing even faster now. When we were younger I used to tell Anthony about how I didn’t care if, when we got engaged, my ring was made of twine, or simply from a gumball machine. I didn’t think that should be a determining factor in two people being in love and their ability to be engaged. He was always adamantly against the idea. He brought this memory up and reiterated it to me. He then reached in the other pocket, and pulled out a gumball container. Once he had it in hand he opened it, and unwrapped the handkerchief inside of it. Soon revealing the gorgeous ring it held inside. He held it up to me as he was on his knee, and asked me the magical question “Will you marry me”? With tears in my eyes and all the love in my heart I said “YES”! And that is our story of how they asked!

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