Priscila and Kris

how we met

Kris saw me when he walked into the gym for a basketball team meeting, I was practicing with my team on the court (volleyball). When he saw me he turned to his friends and said “I’m going to marry her.” Fast forward a few days and Kris approached me in our college cafeteria and asked me for my number. I was so nervous that I spilled my protein shake all over the table while nervously shaking it, as if that wasn’t embarrassing enough I proceeded to spill some of my cereal while trying to regain some of my cool. The rest is history… I couldn’t agree more. Priscila was my guiding light so to speak. It’s like wherever she went, a light would follow. I was drawn to her as corny as that sounds. When I first met her I wasn’t sure if she would be feeling me (at all) but sure enough I made her nervous. I knew I had her then!

I first knew Kris was the one when I went over to his apartment for the first time and he opened up to me about the passing of his brother. This moment in our lives allowed me to see the genuine, caring man that was beneath his tough man appearance. Kris says he knew I was the one when he first saw me in the gym, his pastor told him he would meet his wife when he went to college (the summer before attending our university) and in the gym that day he realized his pastor was right. He says he didn’t feel butterflies like you might expect, he felt a moment of peace. Like he could finally let some of his walls down and be in a real relationship. I then continued to challenge him in his life, making sure he attended his classes, partied a little less and this helped him get on the right course. This sealed the deal for him. He realized that we could have a life full of success.

how they asked

Kris proposed at the bottom of the CN Tower in front of the CANADA sign. He knew this would be the perfect spot because I was born in Toronto and there is no better representation of the city than the CN Tower! The proposal was intended to be a surprise but since Kris lacks some organizational skills I caught on pretty quick. Priscila is absolutely right. I thought the proposal would be perfect and so romantic but I butchered it to the max! I was nervous the whole day. Driving from Keswick to Toronto just screaming on the inside.. I planned months in advance. Booking the awesome Chelsey Cunningham as my secret photographer. She did a great job of hiding in plain sight! I made a reservation for her parents and mine to have dinner at the keg after the proposal. We were supposed to make it up the CN Tower to look at the city before the proposal, I messed that up lol. Then we went into the aquarium next door to kill time but I didn’t realize it was one way in one way out! So I caused commotion trying to go back out of the entrance and have my family follow me so I could propose at the time I told Chelsey! IT WAS SUCH A MESS!

The ring is a triple halo with a 1 carrot center stone, it is just the right size! It is big and shiny but still elegant as well! I think it was WELL worth what he paid for it. I mean (I did pick it out myself) but Kris did a great job not straying from the path. He makes jokes now about not needing to put ice in his drinks because he can just use my ring to make them colder. Gotta love his crazy humor!

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