Price and Tyler

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how we met

Price and I met in college, to me she was always the girl that I could never get. I was shy and she was the most outgoing person I’d ever met. I played soccer in college and she would always come to our games with her girlfriends. In the beginning of the year I think all of the girls came because my whole team was British (besides me) and you know how girls feel about British accents. That soon faded out and all of the girls stopped coming besides Price. She never missed a single game and even travelled to our away games. Apparently I’m an idiot because it was because she liked me. I’ll never forget the Christmas night three years ago when Price told me that she “kinda sorta maybe had a crush on me.” That’s when I finally told her that for me there was no “kinda sorta maybe crush” because I’d been in love with her since the first time we met.

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how they asked

We’ve been together for three years since that Christmas night, and I recently decided that it was time to make my biggest fan my wife. I began planning the proposal by getting a Pinterest…yes man points gone. I wanted it to be everything she had ever dreamed of so losing some man points was totally ok with me. I asked her mom’s best friend if I could ask for Price’s hand in her amazing Tuscany backyard. After she said yes I booked our friend Matt who is a videographer, and then I booked her favorite photographer of all time to shoot our special day. It was a rainy Saturday when I asked Price and she had NO idea it was coming. I bought Price a pink pair of hunter rain boots to persuade her to go on a date with me on such a nasty night. I then blind folded her and brought her to the Tuscany backyard.

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I led her up to a gazebo that our families had decorated with pretty much everything on her Pinterest board. When I took the blindfold off of her we both just cried, and cried, and cried.

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I said my proposal vows and got down on one knee.

Here are the vows… “Price you’ve been my best friend from the start then suddenly and all at once you became the love of my life. Babe you’re a slob, and I know that when you don’t want to clean up it all goes under the bed. I just act like I don’t know because I can’t help but smile that you think you’re so sneaky. I have a love hate relationship with how you demand a crowd but only when you try to make me the center of attention too. You’re needy but in the best way possible. You’re insanely passionate, I love hearing your stories from work. I know that your students feel insanely loved by you daily. There are so many versions of you and I love every single one. Today marks the first day of forever with you and if you agree then I vow to love you for the rest of your life in your worst and best forms I will love you. So with that I just have one more question will you marry me?”

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SHE SAID YES and after, we went back to her house where all of her best friends surprised her. I don’t think either one of us stopped crying for the entire night. In Price, I have found my truest, closest friend, and love of my life. Thankful to say that I get to spend forever with my biggest fan!!!

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