Pressley and Drew

Proposal Ideas Airport

How We Met

Our parents introduced us the summer before we started college. By September we were dating and the rest is history!

How They Asked

I had been studying abroad in Colombia for four weeks over the summer, but little did I know what would be waiting for me when I returned. On July 27th, exactly two months before our three year anniversary, I was welcomed home to the surprise of my dreams. He had been planning the whole time I was gone. He picked up the ring and arranged for his parents and my parents, sister, grandmother and aunt to be there at the airport. He called me that morning and played it off well; I didn’t suspect a thing. I departed from Barranquilla at 2’olock, checking in with him many times throughout the day. Unfortunately, my flight was delayed in Miami, but this didn’t worry him. He simply had time to eat a steak dinner at the airport before hand! When I finally landed in Atlanta, I grabbed my luggage and once again messed up the plans by coming out of the wrong gate.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Airport

After trying to call him for directions, I hung up on him to ask my Dad instead. Oof. But, just before midnight, he saw me and sprinted across the airport. After spinning me around in his arms (aww), he got down on one knee and told me how much he loved me. I was speechless. He finally popped the question, and of course I said “YES”! We were engaged!