Presley and Spencer

How We Met: Spencer and I met in college. I was playing intramural basketball, and he came to watch our championship game with some of his friends. After the game was over, he walked up to me and said we should get married! I thought. “what a crazy guy! I would NEVER marry him.” A few days later, he found me on campus. I was a tour guide to potential students on campus, and on one of my tours he saw me. He stopped my entire tour, and he would not leave until I provided him with my number. Of course, all the students were yelling for me to do it, so I did. We went on out first date the next day. I have been in love with him ever since!

how they asked: My family and I went to Painting with a Twist the day before Thanksgiving. Spencer had been complaining about going for days! At this place, you can create your very on canvas. My family and I decided we would create a Christmas tree. In the spirit of good fun, we decided it would be a “girls vs boys” painting challenge, so I couldn’t watch Spencer create his painting.

Image 1 of Presley and Spencer

After my painting was finished, I decided to go rinse off my hands. I came out to find Spencer on one knee with a canvas that read, “Will you marry me?” When Spencer proposed, it made my heart skip a beat. He is truly the love of my life!

Image 2 of Presley and Spencer
Image 3 of Presley and Spencer