Presley and Devan

Presley and Devan's Engagement in Barnsley Resort

How We Met

How we met: We are both from small towns in Alabama, where everyone knows everybody. He was the football star and a dreamy one at that. She was an average girl eager to start her 9th-grade year, JV cheerleader (a terrible one by the way). Through mutual friends and the luck of small towns, we met and dated the summer of our middle school year. He was a hunk, a ladies man, so I was all about it. I went to watch him play on Friday nights, we double dated with our mutual friends and were living our best middle school life. He was even my first kiss, Boaz movie theater (talk about a nervous wreck!!!). We went our separate ways but always kept in contact via social media. Compliments or snide comments to each other jokingly over the years.

Presley's Proposal in Barnsley Resort

Fast forward 7 years: I move to Birmingham to start my journey into Nursing school at UAB, and just so happen to sublease an apartment with our mutual friend (my cousin). Needless to say, every day I came home, he would remind me Devan was single. But I always reminded him he was a ladies man, and I wasn’t about it. (Basing off what I remember from 8th grade that is). After a few months of coming home to “How was your date? not good? Devan would’ve made it awesome” I finally gave in and hit him with the snapchat…..with no reply. I discovered he was dating someone at the time so I respected that and didn’t push forward….until one day, he wasn’t. The rest….well its history.

How They Asked

The Proposal pregame: Christmas is my all-time FAVORITE holiday ever!!!!! (like I put up my tree on Nov 1 favorite, Christmas music in August favorite.. you get it) So I graduate college in August and go on a trip with my sister and Bestfriend…little do I know, Devans planning the biggest night of my life, and asking my parents for permission to MARRY ME!!!!!!! (WHAATT!!) I start my job, and my life is hectic as all get out. Not to mention he’s a Football and Baseball coach.. later I found out he changed the proposal date 3 times because of my insane schedule (just shows how patient he is, really!!!!) He found the most incredible place to propose and secretly collaborates with my sister to plan to go visit. (Keep in mind they’re 2 hours apart, and he proposed 4 hours away…lots of travel) but he wanted to check it out in person before he committed.

GAME TIME: My sister asked if I wanted to go see Christmas lights in this fantastic place in Georgia that was a historic castle that they decorated for Christmas. So I’m all about it!!!…… Until its girls night + Dirty Santa party with my friends….my sister had to do some convincing because I literally almost didn’t show up. She hit me with the fact we don’t get to spend much time together so we should just go. So I wake up and get ready (Night shift life, woke up ill and tried to wear my Grinch Christmas sweater LOL) and Devan is supposed to go with us, but had to work late and couldn’t make it. So we get to Barnsley and start walking through and looking at the resort all lit up and BEAUTIFUL. We make it to the hollow castle (pictured!!) and read all the historic plaques along with the lit-up bush maze to the entrance. She then hands me her phone and tells me there’s a video of the history we have to watch before going inside…..but little did I know Devan’s sweet face would pop up!!! I instantly started crying and just looked up at her like a deer in headlights.

After the video, I walk up the stairs and he’s there, in his sports coat, Christmas music playing (that he brought!!!!) and got on one knee. All he could get out was “Will you marry me???” eyes full of tears. Of course, I barely got out YEESS and was crying, shaking, speechless (rare for me). I didn’t even know what the ring looked like because my vision was so blurry!!!!! (It was a custom design by him, rose gold and silver, actual perfection might I add) It was the most perfect day, location, man, everything I could dream of!!!! He then informs me we have dinner reservations at 8, so we must hurry. I walk into dinner and both our families are waiting on us with tear-filled eyes and such excitement. It was honestly the most perfect day of my life. He is by far the most perfect human. He has the biggest heart, the best jokes, the most sarcastic sense of humor, the sweetest smile, the most beautiful blue eyes, the most honest and genuine person you’ll ever meet. You’ll never find someone who would do more for someone, or work harder than he will. Blessed is an understatement when it comes to him!!! He is a sucker for romance and I love nothing more!!

Bloopers: After the proposal, we’re taking pictures and decide we should get on the other side of the bush (for the full effect you know) he trips. lands face down, I try to catch him….but ends up unplugging the entire light bush hahahahaha (Barnsley, if you’re reading this we apologize, we tried to fix it, swear)

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Barnsley Resort

Where to Propose in Barnsley Resort

In just a few short months we’ll be having the Christmas wedding of our dreams, and it can’t come fast enough!!

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