Preslee and Matt

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How We Met

Matt and I met our first year of college at Lindsey Wilson College in a class called Freshman Year Experience. After a few weeks of class, Matt got the nerve up to simply ask me how I was doing that day as we walked down a flight of stairs. We talked for a few minutes about where we were from and how our first year of college was going. Shortly after that, we followed each other on social media and I started a “liking war” on Instagram where we would go back and forth liking each other’s pictures. Then, he cleverly used the line, “I’m gonna end up liking all your pictures by the end of the night.” Yeah, he’s always been corny.

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After that, we swapped numbers, started talking more, and went on our first date together shortly after that. Matt apparently already knew the way to my heart that night because we went to a local Mexican restaurant. And those who know me, know how I feel about Mexican food. Before we knew it, we were going on midnight sweet tea runs to McDonald’s every other night, playing countless games of H-O-R-S-E at the wellness center, and I was sneaking out of his dorm room after visitation hours. And the rest is history. Matt and I grew closer with each day that passed. We have truly grown up together and made each other better. I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else. He is truly my best friend and my forever.

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how they asked

For Preslee’s graduation gift, I decided to take her on a trip to Chicago. I knew that once this trip was scheduled it would be the perfect place to ask Pres to be my wife. The planning for the proposal started months in advance. We had been browsing different jewelry stores trying to figure out the type of ring she wanted to have. After placing the order to have the ring made, I started to look for photographers and locations for the proposal. I finally decided upon Peter Gubernat to photograph the proposal at Milton Lee Olive Park with the Chicago skyline in the background.

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Finally, the day of the proposal arrived. May 15, 2018. I told Preslee that we had dinner reservations at The Signature Room on the 95th that night at 7:15. We got all fancied up and the Uber picked us up about 7. However, little did Preslee know that our dinner reservation was really at 8:30. I set the directions for the driver to take us to Milton Lee Olive Park. Once he dropped us off, I started to have some trouble finding the park so I had to explain to her that since we were all dressed up in Chicago, we were going to have pictures made. Right after that, I called Peter so we could meet up with him.

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While on the phone with Peter, he told me that the park where I wanted to propose was actually closed. We had to improvise on the spot and he led us to a beautiful beach with the skyline in the background. After taking a few pictures, he set us up to where I could ask the big question. The nerves were so big and the excitement was _________ that I blanked out while I was on one knee (but I’m pretty sure she said yes). After the proposal session and engagement session, we finally made it to the restaurant where we celebrated and enjoyed a beautiful meal with one another.

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Special Thanks

Peter Gubernat
 | Photographer