Preeya and Hardik

Preeya and Hardik's Engagement in Dallas Arboretum

How We Met

Hardik and I met the cliché way….a dating app! The plot twist is he was living all the way out in England while I was here in the States! Ironically enough we both had plans to go on vacation to the other person’s home country before we even got in touch! I didn’t think much of it at first, but by the end of the first conversation, I had a feeling something was different. Over the course of a few weeks, app notifications became text messages and text messages became video calls. We are both family-oriented people, with our family’s blessing we decided to meet up in Atlanta a few months later when he was visiting his family on vacation. Gate T11 in Hartsfield-Jackson Airport will always be a special place for us both. His dad told him to get a photo as soon as we met in person because we would treasure it, and he was right!

A proposal was something that both of us had talked about for quite a while. We had a formal engagement ceremony that was taking place in India in February but I still wanted to have a nice proposal as a memory for us both. The tricky thing with an international distance relationship is that it is difficult to truly surprise someone as we only have the opportunity to be with each other 3 times in a year! With only one trip between us and the engagement ceremony, I had high hopes that it would be during his Christmas visit. He made a joke that he would be “tying his shoes” frequently on December 23rd, just to throw me off. As the date approached he kept saying that he had every intent to propose but just hadn’t been able to take extra time to plan anything due to life being so busy around the holidays. I was definitely heartbroken but I decided to get my nails done exactly how I wanted (just in case!). Boy am I glad I did!

How They Asked

I booked tickets for a few friends to come with us to the Dallas Arboretum for their annual Holiday Tea on Christmas Eve. I thought it would be a fun excuse for all of us to get out and do something different! He brought me 2 dresses that morning and said that he would love it if I wore something to coordinate with his outfit so we could take some nice photos. After the tea, my friends had to leave for other family events and both of us decided to take a look around before we headed home. The theme was 12 nights of Christmas and he was insistent that we start at night 6 to “look at the waterfront”.

A little confused but thinking nothing of it we made our way to the fountains. We took in the view, but I could hear his heart thumping from a mile away. Just as I turned to ask why he was freaking out, he got down on one knee and surprised me with his Mom’s ring! After a hilarious look of shock, I turn around to see someone taking photos! It was definitely a surprise for the century. Now we are looking forward to getting married and being in the same place for once!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Dallas Arboretum

Special Thanks

Cristy Angulo
 | Photographer