Preeti and Chirag

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How We Met

We met almost a decade ago; we’re high school sweethearts & our love started young.

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How They Asked

Fast forward to 11 years later… my other half planned a surprise proposal in Bali which was not only amazingly beautiful but it was also incredibly romantic! Two weeks before the proposal, Chirag mentioned to me that he had planned a trip to Bali with some friends for thanksgiving break and would love for me to join. I was convinced I was just in for another fun weekend in Bali!

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We were lucky that the weather had been perfectly calm ever since we landed and we made it just in time to watch the magical Bali sunset. You know it, you’ve seen the jaw-dropping pictures of balls of fire laid over cotton candy clouds. It was a Happy Day! On the second day of our trip – thanksgiving day (25-11-2021), we bumped into a manager at Alila during breakfast and he seemed to have known Chirag already.

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I was honestly a bit suspicious as he was acting very strange – quite distant, nervous, and mostly busy on his phone – when asked why he just kept saying it was a work thing (you have no idea how upset I was on that day)! Obviously, I was eager to get out, enjoy the beach bar, and check out the waves! In the late afternoon, he said “ it looks cloudy, let’s get to the beach bar now, get a few cocktails while we wait for the sunset, and head to dinner after”. As we headed towards the beach bar, it started drizzling! It took lots of convincing but he finally got me to join him for a stroll down the beach. On the beach, the wind was howling, the waves crashing, and the sky spitting raindrops.

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As we walked further down, I saw the picturesque décor from a distance and my heart skipped a bit. We arrived at the proposal spot and I turned around to see the man of my dreams on one knee reciting his speech overlooking the Indian ocean view… Drenched in rainstorms, tears started to flow, and without hesitations, I said YES! I’ll never forget the look in his eyes and the smile that widened across his lips when he said “Bae, Will You Marry Me?” It was the most beautiful feeling in the world. Will I ever stop smiling? Probably not. I am so excited to marry this man and commit to a lifetime together. It still feels like a Dream.

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