Preet and Mani

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How we met

We both met on 25th Aug 2010 as we went to the same university (MIT) Auckland New Zealand for our studies. As time went by we became really good and close friends. We have been together for 6 years now and every single day has been better than the last one. We both have stood together in all our ups and downs and still do. We fall for each other everyday and feel blessed to have each other.

When we both got to know more about each other we discovered that we both were and still are die hard DRAKE fans hence there is a Drake theme to my proposal. Since Drake is called ‘the 6 god’ and it was our 6th year, I wanted it all to be Drake themed. I got my apparel customised to fit Drake’s theme and also got Drake’s poster custom made for the proposal. I even made the entry on Drake’s song called Jumpman in the mob.

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how they asked

Me and Preet go to the gym, and I asked Preet once if I could borrow some protein from her. A few days later she sent me a text with a picture of a proposal where the girl has a ring on her finger. Preet wrote in the text, “look where the world has reached, and all you ask me is ‘do you have 12 scoops of protein'”

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I found this amusing and also took it upon me to do something special for her and propose to her. I started planning for this in October 2015 and got in touch with a lot of people to learn dance and organize everything. It took me 11 months to learn the dance and arrange everything. It was our 6 year anniversary of knowing each other on 25th Aug 2016 and I asked her to meet me at the Albany mall in Auckland. I had everything planned with the mall management and security. When she arrived the mall security took me away saying my car did not have the handbrake on and has rolled back into other cars, I arranged for this so that she gets a bit worried before I start the mob to surprise her.

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I have to say her reaction was priceless and that meant the world to me. She was crying and I cried a bit too. But in the end she said yes which made it all worth it. My aim is to make this video popular enough that it reaches Drake.

Our Video

Special Thanks

Rina Chae, Zed and Street Candee Dance Crew
 | Choreographers
Albany Westfield Mall
 | Location