Praveena and Kanwal

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Melbourne, Australia

How We Met

We first met at a university party on a boat, but he asked another girl out that day. However, we had mutual friends so we spent that summer going to cricket and became really good friends. We lost touch during the winter of that year but as soon as summer rolled around we were back at the cricket and tennis and it felt like I had known him forever. We started going out as soon as his last relationship ended and we haven’t looked back. I think we both realized that if you can spend 7 plus hours at the cricket on an Australian summers day with someone and can only think about doing it again and again, then that’s a pretty special someone.

Where to Propose in Melbourne, Australia

How They Asked

It was incredible…

Kanwal said he wanted to walk along the beach before our dinner reservations. As we got out of the car and started walking along the beach, I noticed this beautiful setting. From a distance, you couldn’t tell exactly what it was but as we got closer, it was a canopy dressed up in a gorgeous blue (my favorite color) and white setting. After I then questioned him about what all of this is, insisting we don’t get too close because I thought it was for someone else, he dropped down on one knee and proposed! I couldn’t have said yes faster!! He had a photographer there as well capturing everything so I can now look back at the evening and remember it so clearly.

He asked me to be his wife on our third anniversary and again, I could not have said yes faster. On our wedding day, we’re leaving on a boat from the venue to start the next chapter of our lives, just as we started our friendship on a boat that summer night in 2012.

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