Pratik and Monica

How We Met

Pratik and Monica have known each other for as long as they can remember (Pratik likes to tell a made up story that they met playing in a sandbox). In fact, our moms love to tell the story that Pratik was actually at Monica’s mom’s baby shower when she was pregnant with Monica. Our families have been longtime family friends and Pratik and Monica have been seeing each other for years despite growing up on opposite sides of the Chicago suburbs. If you ask either of them how long they’ve been dating, you’ll get a different answer every time since they have been on and off for years (they even have a made-up anniversary of July 16th), but the definite consensus is that they have been dating consistently since 2009.

Since then they’ve been together, working through life’s ups and downs, making it through undergrad at University of Illinois and Depaul, Monica’s medical school and now Emergency Medicine residency, Pratik’s career in finance and his current pursuit of his MBA. Currently, they enjoy spending time together, hanging out with family and friends and are working on planning our Summer 2018 Indian wedding extravaganza.

how they asked

Saturday, April 15th, 2017: Monica had just taken her third boards exam earlier in the week and was looking forward to a relaxing weekend. For some reason, Pratik was really adamant to pick up Monica from her parent’s house at 7 AM (Monica was NOT happy to be getting up this early on her day off). Pratik had told her that we were going out for a fun day which included a really early “brunch” at one of Chicago’s hardest brunch places to get a reservation. Although reluctant (and crabby), Monica got up, quickly got ready, and jumped into Pratik’s car. After getting to the city, Pratik told Monica that since we’re running late (what else is new?), you need to go inside and get our table. So Monica went inside to realize it wasn’t a brunch place (it was really early in the morning…), but instead a Spa. Pratik told Monica that since she had been so stressed, he planned for her to have a spa day to relax.

After her massage, manicure, and pedicure, Pratik had arranged for outfits that he picked out to be hung near her changing room. As expected, Monica hated them all (& called Pratik to make sure he kept receipts), but luckily she had planned on changing after brunch and had brought multiple outfits with her so she got dressed and met up with Pratik. Pratik had told Monica that there was an event at Navy Pier that they had to go to, but since they had extra time they should go on a walk nearby and enjoy the amazing (unseasonably) warm weather.

They started to walk down the path at Milton Lee Olive Park. This is when it became extremely obvious, as Pratik (the more sentimental one) started to talk about their relationship and spending their lives together. Monica was just excited and wanted to get to the big question already and was trying to rush him. Pratik kept walking until he got to the spot he pre-planned with the photographer, got down on one knee and asked Monica to marry him.

Of course, Monica said yes! (and they got the amazing picture of the exact proposal moment above thanks to their photographer Eiza Photography!). Afterward, they Facetimed the parents and siblings and spent a few hours together before meeting up with both their families to share the news.

A few months later, Pratik & Monica had their official Engagement Ceremony on August 27th, 2017. It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon filled with laughs and memories with family and friends.

Special Thanks

Eiza Photography