Prathyusha and Ashwin

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How We Met

I met Ashwin 6 years ago when I was in my senior year of High School at the movies when a friend invited us. He was a couple years older and went to University. There was a bunch of our mutual friends around and for some reason I felt like I’ve known this stranger forever. I talked to him as if he was my best friend right off the bat as my goofy self. He thought I was weirdest person but said he felt like it was love at first sight. He kept getting our mutual friends to invite me to same places so he’d see me again and after months, he finally asked me out on our first date. I felt relaxed, like I was at home when I was with him.

He was a perfect gentleman and that’s something he carried out throughout the rest of our relationship. Fast Forward during the first few months of our relationship, I remember @ashftw90 and I driving back home late with him in the driver’s seat and me next to him and our friends fast asleep in the back seat. After a few minutes of silence from us fighting to stay awake, he grabbed my hand randomly, looked me in the eye and said “I’m going to marry you, you know that?”. 6 years later no amount of forethought could have prepared me for the emotions felt that day to officially say yes to my best friend, my love, my world.

how they asked

Ashwin’s always done some incredibly thoughtful things but this one was extra fishy.

My parents flew in from the east coast to help me move into my new place in LA that I had recently moved to for a temporary project. When we came back to our hotel, I had a large box and a Giant balloon with inside quotes waiting on the coffee table for me. At the bottom his name was signed and it completely caught me off guard/ was excited since I thought I was only going to see him 2 weeks after. Naturally my parents played dumb. It was perfect timing because our 6 year was a few days prior & I saw him a week prior to that. Inside, was a dress that fit perfectly, jewelry, the Do’s and Don’ts and a rose with incredibly beautiful handwritten messages wrapped around (which I got periodically throughout the day).

There was also a packing list and was told to not ask questions but enjoy the ride. I had a private helicopter waiting for me that took me to an island across which is also known as Romance Island, along with a driver that picked me up, took me to the island spa, was pampered all day, did my hair, nails etc. with champagne, another note, and had incredible staff that helped me get ready. Everything I wore that day was from him. I walked out to a red carpet filled with flowers, a chauffeur holding more flowers and a note waiting by a carriage.

The carriage was decorated with personal and sentimental elements relevant to our relationship, and champagne in a basket of flowers with another note. Everyone on the island cheered, waved, and wished me luck as we drove by. I was shown around the island and explained the meaning and history and was later told to drop my stuff off in a gorgeous private villa and not to peek inside, and then taken to a private cliff side beach. There I met him holding flowers and the rest is history :)

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The rest remains in my memories and our private photographers’ camera. I didn’t even realize him getting down on his knee till the boats around the cliff cheered for us as I was so overwhelmed.

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The women I kept seeing popping up coincidently at times, I later found out was my photographer that was hired to follow me around all day and capture my moments. The boats that went past us by the cliff all cheered and clapped during the big moment. Oddly that day a family of deer in the remote area we stayed stopped our golf cart that was rented for the weekend while driving down the mountains, walked over to us, stayed with us and let us pet them. It was as if everything was on our side that day. We went back to the villa where my family surprised us to congratulate us (as he knew how important it was for me to have them there) with my remaining luggage needed for the weekend and the rest of the weekend was incredible, spent with my favorite people.

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We spent the rest of that day doing our engagement photo-shoot and had a choice of either a beautiful seaside restaurant for dinner or Chinese takeout and naturally we chose take out :p where we enjoyed it at our villa where he showed me v-logs filmed of all the things he worked on preparing for this day as he spoke to me through the camera with beautiful, sentimental, and personal messages and drove around the island and enjoyed the beach at night! The reasoning’s behind the things he chose and the reason for the place he chose was even more touching.

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The amount of effort, struggles, and stories shared was truly incredible and thoughtful in so many ways. There are countless details and other hilarious stories in between that I cannot even begin to account for that will live only in my memories. The entire theme was our journey and all that tied to it. Everyone I encountered that day all knew of the plan and I am so grateful to each and every single person for showing me the best time and “journey”. He also made sure to plan in such a way so he wouldn’t miss being there to help me move in and that my family would be there for my big moment as well. Now I forever share something in common with my other love Harry Potter 7.31.2016.

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Special Thanks

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