Pratham and Neha


How We Met

The first time I saw Neha was the a semi final cricket match at Albions at Parramatta, she had no idea at this point that I had seen her but I was instantly thought “wow she is beautiful!”, however after seeing her I could not find her again that night. Luckily though the following week I met her at the final cricket match at the Roxy at Parramatta, this time I was not going to let the opportunity pass to speak to her and I sucked it up and tried to find a moment to sit next to her or talk to her.

Halfway through the night there was not many people around her and I sat next to her, we got to talking and instantly connected with each other. Fast forward a year where we were still talking to each and really good friends, we knew that we had something for each other, and went on our first date to watch a movie, and ever since then we have been together for six years.

how they asked

I wanted the proposal to be a very creative and well thought one. One that meant a lot to us, and one that I wanted to absolutely take her breath away on.

Proposal planning had started 12 months before the proposal actually happened, I wanted it to be combination of scavenger hunt, meaningful moments in our relationship, and I also wanted to take her internationally for the proposal. Fast forward 4 months of speaking to vendors and getting the right venue and sequence of events finalised, I decided that I was going to propose to Neha in New Zealand.

The proposal was a sequence of events building up the proposal, and for each of the moments captured I had made a love heart puzzle pieces along with clues for her to read out and solve before the next event began.

The first clue was given to her by her work friend who I secretly met outside of work of work and handed her the envelope, asking if this can be given on the Friday 12th January at the end of the work day where the first event was going to start.

At exactly 4pm on Friday, she gave the envelope and I received a flood of messages from Neha saying “WHAT IS GOING ON?”, I loved this moment because this is exactly how I wanted her to feel.

The clue contained a riddle which she had to answer and then after she finished work, come downstairs and I was going to be waiting for her in the car waiting to take her to the first event. She successfully solved the riddle and I handed her the first puzzle piece of the day.

First we had our favourite dumplings, and she was still asking “what was going on, how did I do this” but there were so many things I planned that I had to make sure it was kept under covers. The next event for the day was taking her to our first date at the movies where we were able to remember that first time we went on a date, our conversations we had, and just generally how we felt towards each other at that time, after this I dropped her home.

The next event happened on the following day, I gave her a call at 3pm and told her to pack her bags, and that we were not returning home for the night. We went to stay out in our favourite hotel for the night, and took her to our favourite restaurant to have the best dinner, which she loved a lot.

Before entering the hotel room however I had gone in there earlier and set up polaroid photos all around the bed of us with some fairy lights attached, so she was really surprised when she entered the hotel room.

The next day when I was dropping her home, I told her that she now needs to get ready for a bigger vacation, she needs to pack her bags and get ready for a flight by 6am the following morning, I did not tell her where, just that she needed to get ready.

The following morning I picked her and we turned into international airport and she found out that we were going to New Zealand, she got very excited at this point.

We landed in New Zealand at night time, so we got to share a really nice dinner together that I had booked previously. The next day was going to be the day of proposal. January 16th was the day it was all going to happen and this day needed to be perfect, I was absolutely on edge and nervous the whole day, but needed to make sure I remained focus on what I really wanted to do.

The day started with some white water rafting over the best scenic falls that both of had ever seen, we had the best weather, and it was just me and her on the boat plus the instructor, so a very personal journey. After we returned from the trip it was 6pm in the evening and I had planned a masseuse to give her a massage whilst I get ready for the surprise. The masseuse arrive at 7pm, and was there for one hour, at this time I had also given a clue to the masseuse to give to Neha and follow what was on there.

The clue took her to our bedroom where I created a video of us and all the things that we had done together, all the trips, all the photos and all those memories. The last thing on the video was to call me when the video was finished to get her next step.

She called me at 8pm and I told her she had until 9pm to get ready for the next event, told her wear a very special dress, and get ready for my phone call at 9pm.

At 9pm I called her and all I said was follow the lights- and the rest is now history. Hopefully some of the photos will tell you how that moment went down.

I Love You, Neha.

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