Prasanthi and James

Where to Propose in Capertee Valley, NSW, Australia

How We Met

We met in the Winter of 2017, both as doctors working at the same hospital. I was quietly working on my surgical ward, and I felt someone hover over me briefly, then sit next to me. I looked up and saw this beautiful smile and handsome dude staring at me, after a brief awkward pause, he said ‘Hi, I’m James!’. I was a little confused, I hadn’t called his medical team to review any of my patients as far as I could recall, but we engaged in some brief banter, and he left. I remember feeling so odd and weirded out like I had just met someone really significant, even though I knew nothing of him. After this encounter, fate had us bumping into each other around every corner of the hospital. We shared begneits one day at the weekly Thursday international food market at our hospital, and I knew then I was starting to like him, and him me. One time I was with a girlfriend walking up the stairwells at the hospital and I saw James and wanted to hide as I was finding being around him so intense energetically for me. He saw me and started to walk over, and my friend conveniently left me on the first floor to ‘run jobs’. Somehow, I fell on the staircase and James caught me. It was all so cheesy and overwhelming. He asked me what I was doing that weekend and I said ‘good thanks see ya!’ and hurriedly walked off on the next available floor. Eventually, we both agreed to attend an end of term work party and dance and a kiss later, our love story began. I went overseas a week later with my girlfriends for nearly two months, but we spoke every day on the phone with each other. Whilst I was overseas, James was planning a holiday, and I agreed to go with him, spontaneously. Our first real date was in Aitutaki, a beautiful tropical island in the Cook Islands. We had the most amazing time enjoying each other’s company, swimming in the ocean, riding bicycles around the island, and drinking cocktails every night. It was all such a whirlwind romance.

How They Asked

I had always told James that I would propose to him, as I found the routine of women waiting around for men to propose archaic. However, he planned a weekend locally away with our beautiful dog Benji, to the Capertee Valley, which happens to be the second-largest canyon in the world. Think tall mountains and a beautiful lush valley, incredible sunsets, and a night sky full of stars and the Milky Way above us. on the 29th of February, in the morning, he offered for us to go for a walk, nothing out of the ordinary.

Prasanthi and James's Engagement in Capertee Valley, NSW, Australia

I was dressed in my activewear, he sort of glanced at me weird, but I thought nothing of it. We were walking through one of the property’s paddocks, with Mount Iris in the background. It was about 7 am, whisper-quiet, misty, and serene, and a mob of kangaroos sprung by. It was so peaceful and magical.

I turned around and James was on one knee, ring and box in one hand, and trying to manage our pup, Benji, on a leash with the other. It was comical and fabulous and I of course laughed and smiled and said yes!