Pragnya and Mahesh

Pragnya and Mahesh's Engagement in Stoke on Trent

How We Met

It was destiny as they call it. We’ve been friends for nearly 16 years now but re acquainted less than a year ago in hyderabad, india.
The day we met in December , i knew that we were going to end up together. Mahesh on the other hand, needed some one on one time in a neutral country. So 2 months after I moved, he came to stoke on Trent (UK) and we spent nearly 2 weeks together under the same roof. On March 25th, 2019, he decided that he was going to take the plunge.

How They Asked

Me being the romantic cheesy person that I am, wanted a proposal with a ring and then the whole bending down on one knee jazz (doesn’t usually happen in india).
He made me wait for 6 months until the anticipation grew. He was back in UK for 5 days for a quick trip to the Isle of Skye, which is the most gorgeous place on the planet. At the end of the trip, there was still no ring or a proposal. Disappointed, we went back home to stoke on Trent as he had a flight the next morning. The disappointment brought the worst out of me and I slept, very upset. The next morning, I expressed my disappointment to him , albeit on another subject. Little did I know that when I was all set to go to work, packing my stuff ,with tears in my eyes, he would pop the question. I turned around and there he was… with the most beautiful ring on one knee and popped the question. All this while, he was waiting to get back home to stoke on Trent, “where the real thing began” (back in March) for him. It was the sweetest, intimate and the most dramatic moment of my life. Agony to ecstasy. All in a moment. :). September 10th 2019!