Porter and Andrew

Image 3 of Porter and Andrew

How We Met

8 years ago, I was visiting New York for an interview one weekend. I knew Andrew lived there, but at that point, we just happened to be two people from the same little beach town in Vero Beach, FL. We had never actually crossed paths. So when I touched down in NYC, I finally reached out after having his number for 3 months. Thinking I was being smooth, I texted him asking for help riding the subway. Andrew shot back asking me out to dinner.

We had our first date that weekend at The Palm between 44th and 45th, which has now become one of our favorite date spots. We spent the entire weekend lost in the magic of the city, running around giggling our heads off and making some of our first memories together. When it was time to go home, I remember sitting at my gate at Laguardia airport texting my mom, “I’m in love.” “With a boy or a city?” she asked, seeing as I had gone for a job interview. I responded “Both.”

Through 4 years of long-distance dating and chasing each other around New York City, Florida, New Orleans, and Texas, he’s become my best friend and my favorite person. Eventually, we found our home together in Brooklyn, NY, where we added the silliest French bulldog, Tchoup, to our family.

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How They Asked

Looking for an escape from the city, Andrew and I made our way down to Vero Beach to spend time with our families. Unbeknownst to me, the ring he had been working on for months was finished and Andrew had intended for the trip to double as a way for him to pick it up. While his initial plan was to propose this summer on vacation, the coronavirus pandemic threw things for a loop and he had to call an audible.

On Tuesday, I was at my family’s house when Andrew texted me asking if I wanted to take Tchoup to the beach. After hours of not responding, I said, “No, I have a migraine.” Andrew was not pleased.

On Wednesday, he tried again. I was feeling back to normal and had a whole list of errands I wanted to accomplish that day, as we were planning to leave the next day. Andrew was a trooper and tagged along for the ride while I tackled all the things I had to do. As the evening was approaching Andrew asked, again, if I wanted to take Tchoup to the beach. This time, I said yes.

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We grabbed Tchoup and jumped on the golf cart to our favorite little private beach. As we walked out on the sand I looked to the right and saw a woman taking pictures down the way and said, “Wow, that’s a big camera to have at the beach!” … little did I know.

We chased Tchoup around the beach for a while before I finally sat down in the sand, red in the face, winded, and exhausted. After 8 years you would think I would’ve seen it coming. But I had no idea what was coming next.

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Andrew walked over, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him.

Both of our families were waiting back at my house to celebrate. As we walked up the boardwalk to leave the beach, Andrew called me his “fiance” for the first time. My heart swelled. I put the seashells I had in my hand down on the railing of the boardwalk while I composed myself.

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The next day we returned to our engagement spot to reminisce. As we walked back out to the beach my two little seashells were still sitting on the boardwalk waiting for us. Everything was so perfect and so us.

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