Porsha and Terry's Proposal in Paris


How We Met

We met through mutual friends.  We kept ending up at the same parties or dinners and had an intense connection and really fell for each other through conversation and spending time together.

how they asked

Terry: The proposal taking place in Paris was sort of a full circle moment.  6 years ago, Porsha was going to Paris for work, the night before she was traveling, we connected at a friend’s birthday dinner.  When she arrived to Paris, I called to make sure she landed safely, and we spoke every day til the wee hours of the morning.  So, it felt natural to have the proposal take place in the city where we fell in love!

To plan the proposal I did a lot of research online looking for Paris photographers.  After, seeing Pierre’s work, I was sold.  I knew I wanted it to be special, but not too cliche.  So, I didn’t want the proposal to be somewhere too obvious like the Eiffel Tower.  I reviewed some of Pierre’s work and found some photos of a couple in the Tuileries.  I shared the photos I liked and he mapped out a plan to get us to that location for the proposal.  It worked out perfectly.

Porsha: When Terry mentioned he wanted to come to Paris….I thought he was up to something.  When he arrived, he wanted to visit some jewelry stores to get an idea of what I liked.  (In my head, I was frustrated, because I was thinking, we’ve been together for 6 years, and I know I’ve shown him a million times what I like.)  However, I didn’t express these thoughts, and went with the flow…but came to the conclusion, clearly the proposal was not happening on this trip if we are looking at engagement rings, b/c I knew he would want it to be a surprise.  The next day, he told me we were going to a private showing at a gallery, and ended up proposing in the Tuileries.  It was magical, unexpected and beyond what I would have imagined. I was shocked!  I had no idea.  It was a beautiful moment, in a beautiful place and I felt we were both very present with each other!

I appreciated our time together in the garden.  Pierre captured some amazing shots, but from a distance.  Before and during the proposal, I didn’t know Pierre was there and even after, when he introduced himself, I appreciated him giving us our space to enjoy the moment.  I think this space helped us to be in the moment and helped him capture authentic moments between Terry and I.









Special Thanks