Porscha and Joel

Engagement Proposal Ideas in New york city

How We Met

Unfortunately there is no crazy story as to how we met. We were both studying at Mohawk College when Joel asked me on a date. I think I only agreed because it was the first proper date I had really been asked on. No friends setting us up, no pressure for it to be anything more than an innocent first date. At this point in my life I had no intentions of dating. I had recently decided to start another college program away from home and did not want to deal with long distance since the first time I tried that it ended horribly. Our first date we went bowling and me being me tried to fake an illness and insist it was too late to go out to get out of it because I was so nervous (it was only 8 PM).

But Joel being persistent insisted we go out. So we went bowling which was a lot of fun and Joel did most of the talking since I am beyond shy. After bowling we went for coffee and ending up talking until midnight before i reluctantly decided it was time to go home. Joel took things slow and didn’t try to kiss me after that first date but he did surprise me with a stuffed animal puppy and chocolates since it was the day after valentines day. Giddy off of a fun night and adorable surprise I left that night already falling for this man. We continued to text back and fourth the next few days with Joel insisted we go out again. Despite falling for this guy I kept trying to make excuses since I didn’t want to do long distance. But he would not take no for an answer and I agreed to dessert at a restaurant that sells nutella pizza as a dessert (the way to my heart is nutella in the form of pizza). Now again me being me I decided there was no need to look nice for this date since I had no plans on dating him so I went out makeup less in sweat pants with my socks tucked in with camo moccasins.

Upon seeing me and my weird outfit Joel just chuckled and we went on our way. Again this date went perfectly with Joel doing a lot of the talking and again I found myself falling for him and his easy going natural. After this date I was more willing to plan the next. Again he didn’t try to kiss me and I was okay with taking things slow. Our third date we decided to go hiking (at the beginning of march through snow) on one of the many trails in Hamilton. As we hiked we talked easily about our families, hobbies, ambitions, beliefs and just about everything in between. I began to become more comfortable with him and add more than a few words to our conversation. As we hiked we took a wrong turn, which he insists was my decision but I think was his. We ended up lost and it took us 2 and a half hours to complete our hike and find his car. After that day I was hooked. This boy had swept me completely off my feet. He didn’t need any crazy romantic gestures to have me begin to fall for him, he just had to be himself and completely accept me for the shy, odd person that I am and I was smitten. After that date we were inseparable. We become best friends and he still never made a move to kiss me. Getting impatient after about a month and a half of sending every day together I finally decided I would kiss him.

I did and he awkwardly pulled away and gave me a hug convincing me I had read the signs wrong. Disappointed and feeling defeated I still agreed to see him the next day where I was greeted with multiple kisses which continued through out the day. He later apologized for making me think he wasn’t interested and said he was caught off guard and nervous when I kisses him. Four months into our relationship I had to leave for school three hours away. We both cried and promised to make it work. Between constantly talking on the phone and Joel driving every weekend to visit me we have happily made long distance work. Joel came into my life at a time I was convinced I did not want a relationship and was happy being single. He proved to me that we are given exactly what me need at exactly the right moment and he couldn’t come into my life at a better time. He has helped me through the struggles of being homesick with long distance also solidifying that he is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in New york city

how they asked

Joel and I had been dating less than a year when we were invited by his friend to spend new years in New York City. We were asked to go in the fall after about six months of dating so to me I thought it was a crazy idea that he would propose anytime soon and the thought never really occurred to me. We were crazy in love at this point and rarely spent a day about and talks of marriage did occur and we both knew that we had met the one and that we had a once in a life time type of love. But still the thought of an actual proposal anytime soon never truly crossed my mind. As our trip grew closer plans started to form and ideas of places we could go were discussed. I have always been memorized by Christmas and Christmas lights and think it is the most wonderful magic time of the year. I am obsessed with walking the streets in the evening to see all the lights displayed on houses around this time of the year. So for me the one thing that was an absolute must to do on our trip to the Big Apple was to see the Rockefeller Christmas tree. I told Joel over and over again that it was the only thing I really wanted to do and if we missed the opportunity I would be truly disappointed.

Our trip continued to come near and my college roommate at the time insisted that I would come back from New York and engaged woman. I told her she was crazy and that there was no way Joel was going to propose to me (even though I secretly hoped he would). I refused to get my hopes up in case it didn’t happen. Fast forward to the night before our trip I am helping out at my younger sisters basketball practice which my dad coaches. I told Joel if he ever proposed he had better ask my dads permission. As Joel and I got in the car to leave the gym he tells me he has to run back inside for a second. Thinking nothing of it I ask no questions and wait patient in the car. I later found out he was running back inside to ask my dad for my hand in marriage. My family and I teased him for awhile after joking about how he left asking my dad until the very last possible second. The day finally arrived and we travel 9 hours in a car to get to the city. We arrive around 7 or so on the 29th of December and the only thing on my mind is food. I have been in a car for 9 hours and I am tired, cranky and hungry. Joel continually insisted that we go to the Rockefeller tree that night. In the back of my mind I think it is sweet he wants to take me so badly but insist that it can wait til the next day. December 30th is my birthday. In the back of my mind I think if he is to propose any day it will be today when we go out for a fancy dinner in the Upper East Side to celebrate.

We chose some fancy Italian restaurant that cost us more than my groceries do in a month but it was totally worth it. We had brought fancy clothes and got all dressed up and have and amazing meal in a small intimate restaurant but nothing happens. At this point I am slightly disappointed but get over it pretty quickly. After dinner Joel insists we go to the Rockefeller tree. Again I refuse saying we can go the next day since I ate a ridiculous about of food and need to go lie down in a food come for the rest of the night. On New years eve we decided to skip doing the whole times square thing since standing in a crowd for hours and having no place to pee did not sound appealing ti us at all. So instead we spent the day exploring the city with the Empire State building being our final stop of the day. We waited in line for roughly an hour just to get in for the looking to be overly crowded with tourists (although the view at night was still spectacular). Again Joel continued to insist that we go see the tree. Again I decline saying the rest of our group is too tired to see it and since everyone wants to see it we might as well all go tomorrow. Reluctantly Joel agreed seeming quite put out over the whole thing. Again I chalked it up to the fact he was only trying to make sure we did what I wanted on the trip too. On New Years day we had a late start and again explored the city splitting up with half our group for part of the day.

Joel and I along with our friends Peter and Annie had decided to take our time site seeing with plans to meet the rest of our group in time square to head over to Rockefeller center to see the tree. At this point I had begun to insist we see the tree today as we were leaving in the morning and wouldn’t have time. Our plans to meet up as a group had failed so the four of us headed over to the tree on our own. The tree was the most breathtaking site I had ever see. Towering over the tourists covered in thousands of Christmas lights. It lite up the street and gave off a magical vibe that could make people fall in love (or more in love in our case). Standing in awe holding Joel’s hand I start pestering him that we need to get a picture in front of the tree. He agrees looking for peter and Annie to take the picture. But we had lost them in the crowd. I insist it is no big deal and that we can ask a random tourist to take a photo but he insists we get Peter or Annie too. I’m sure I probably rolled my eyes at this but agreed none the less and continued to admire all the lights til Joel found them. Finally we found Peter and Annie and are taking the one picture I wanted all trip; us in front of this magical tree. After snapped a few photos we are handed back Joel’s phone to look at them. Content with the photos and having seen the tree I am ready to leave likely in search of food (I am always hungry and always want food).

As I begin to head back towards the street Joel hands his phone back to Peter saying he wants another picture. The slightly waver of nervousness in his voice and the fact he is actually asking for another photo (he hates getting his picture taken) makes my heart begin to beat faster and butterflies start forming in my stomach. I turn to look at him and ask what are you doing as he reaches for his pocket. At this point I begin to cry. At this point poor Peter and Annie are confused since Joel neglected to tell them his plan. Joel starts getting down on one knee and I barely let him get down let alone say anything before I am pulling him to me so I can kiss him. He manages to get a few words out including ‘will you marry me?’

I can’t even remember what he said to me. I was too filled with nerves and overflowing happiness and basically blacked out what he was saying. I remember pulling Joel to me and saying yes over and over again. In the wake of his nerves Joel grabbed my right hand and started to slip the ring on as I laughed and cried telling him his mistake.

Peter was unable to get a photo of Joel on one knee from the lack of preparation but he did manage to get a sweet photo of the two of us crying happy tears as we embraces each other as a newly engaged couple.

Special Thanks

Melissa Jane
Photographer for our engagement photos a few months after our proposal