Porcsha and Jamie

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How We Met

We both are from Augusta and were always casually cordial in high school. Jamie was a sophomore at Augusta University where I was also doing joint enrollment as a senior in high school. One day I was completely lost on campus, luckily I ran into Jamie and his friend. I asked them where a particular class was on campus, Jamie offered to walk me to the building, we then had a quick casual conversation. I thought he was nice, but I honestly thought nothing of it. Three years later I changed my Facebook relationship status to SINGLE and he slid in the DM’s immediately! He shot his shot and the rest is history!

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How They Asked

I came to Buffalo to visit Jamie for the month of September. This particular week Jamie’s brothers came to town, I was actually going to go back home and let them have their guy time but Jamie said to stay and we’d all hang. On this particular day, our plan was to go to Niagara Falls to do the Maid on the Mist tour (a boat ride around the falls). Well, this is what I thought was happening, we arrived at the Falls and I was ready to get in line for tickets for the boat tour, however, Jamie insisted on walking to a different area of the falls that he said had better views. Well after 10 minutes of walking on the hottest day in Buffalo I began asking how much longer every other minute.

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We finally made it to the side of the falls that he was searching for and he looks and me and says what do you think? I respond with, hmmm this side is okay the other side of the falls looks great as well. He laughs and says, “it’s such a beautiful day” I respond by saying yes it ended up being a very beautiful day (we are always happy for great weather). He then goes take off your mask to which my response is no, we all know COVID is real, he then goes it’s a beautiful day and in my head, I’m like yes he is really excited about this sun, he then says it’s an even more beautiful day to ask you if you will spend the rest of your life with me I’m like wait what are you serious is this happening… he’s on one knee I’m in extreme shock.

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I say nothing he’s looking at me super nervous, I’m still in shock I finally look in his eyes and say yes. People are clapping and I’m about to have a heart attack (not use to being the center of attention in that way at all). Some of our friends in the city jump out, my best friend who also happens to live in buffalo and her husband jump out, and then my bestie since 4th grade who lives in North Carolina comes around the corner and I’m floored. Actually, I’m just in EXTREME shock like never felt anything like it in my life.

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I’d always said I wanted a proposal to be just us so I honestly had no idea he was going to propose on this day and I honestly always said that because the spotlight in that way is a LOT. Pretty sure I spoke only 10 words for at least 30 minutes because I was so overwhelmed. One very cute note, as we headed back to the car he says look at the name of this area of the falls, it was the Bridal Veil Falls (the waterfall looks like a ‘Bridal Veil’ and thus the name Bridal Veil Falls) a little icing on the day. We then went downtown to the rooftop of the Curtis Hotel where we shared a toast with all of those who shared in the proposal and ended the night celebrating at our favorite spot.

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Special Thanks

Charlton Inije
 | Photographer