Poonam and KJ

How We Met: Over the last decade, fate often placed KJ and Poonam in the same room, without actually introducing them to each other. They were once even in the same picture, purely by coincidence. Call it fate or call it serendipity, but in 2010, these two finally met when Poonam joined the world famous dance team that KJ had been a part of since 2007. The rest, as they say, is history!

how they asked: KJ planned the most elaborate surprise-flashmob-disney proposal ever seen.


From secretly asking Poonam’s parents for her hand in marriage, to making secret trips to LA without her ever knowing, to eventually having 50 friends and family waiting right in front of the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle when the blindfold finally came off Poonam’s eyes – KJ truly covered his bases. The world famous Bhangra Empire performed a flash mob proposal that ended with KJ down on one knee, and this perfectly timed photo.

Photo by: Michelle Puneet Mirza