Poonam and Jay

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How We Met

There’s the “first look,” but before that, there’s the real first look. From that very first date of ours where we locked eyes in person, we sort of knew this was the real deal. It was at a rooftop bar overlooking the city, but I think I was more dazzled by the fact that we both wore red for the date. I thought I was being bold but looks like Jay was coming in hot too. The conversation was also surprisingly easy (maybe the alcohol helped a little). I was so comfortable being around him that the first date turned into a three-day date. We both were so eager to see each other again that we had already planned to see each other two weeks later.

How They Asked

Forward to a couple of years later, Jay was holding onto an engagement ring for 3 months. On our trip to England, we woke up in London ready for another day of exploring. We headed out to the Tower Hotel to meet my cousins for breakfast, but little did I know this was all a setup. Jay had secretly organized for them to make this plan with me as a cover for his proposal.

After we arrived, he suggested taking a quick stroll to see Tower Bridge nearby. He’d never been to London before so this was a must!

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When we found a great view spot, he asked a stranger (the proposal photographer in disguise) to take a photo of us. I, of course, pulled out my phone because I’m the photographer in this relationship. Ha! As I got my phone back to look at the photo, Jay got down on one knee! I caught myself thinking I couldn’t believe this was happening. He was actually proposing to me in front of Tower Bridge… in my favorite city!

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It was magical, so magical that there weren’t even hordes of tourists in the area. This is London, after all. It was just us and the photographer. We both chuckled through it and he even almost put the ring on the wrong hand. It was kinda perfect if you know us. I said “yes,” of course!

We did a mini e-shoot right after and enjoyed the newly-engaged bliss. I even got to see my cousins the next day at a dinner they organized. It was truly a trip of a lifetime!

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Special Thanks

Jimmy Cheng Photography
 | Photographer