Poonam and Akhil

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How We Met

We met each other in September 2010, at Glenwood High School. One of our mutual friends knew each other and there was something in me that wondered who this guy was. So during the lunch break, I went up to my friend and my now fiance and said hi. From then, we kept on bumping into each other on the school grounds. Then after a friend request and a message, we began talking and our friendship was formed. On the 23rd of May 2012, Akhil took me to meet his family. After seeing his family, he took me to a lake nearby. He asked me to stay in the car, as he opened the trunk and took a bouquet of roses, and asked me to be his girlfriend. Initially, both of our parents weren’t on board with our relationship, so we had a lot of sneaking around, texting once a day, and at times only being able to see each other once in a few months. But all the troubles and roller coaster adventures lead to how strong we are as a couple today and the understanding we have formed and neither of us would change a thing. From then onwards we began our 8 and half year relationship, we adventured through high school, uni, and through our careers. Our families met each other and soon family dinners were filled with laughter and love, which is something we have been dreaming about since high school.

How They Asked

As we have been dating for 8 and half years, we have often spoken about getting married. Mid this year Akhil told me that there are some date night and day trips he wants to take me to. I never suspected anything as we often go on nice date nights and day trips. He then planned a few date nights and day trips around September and November. Akhil then told me that a lunch date night he had organized appeared to be free for 28.11.20 instead of 2 weeks later. So we planned to go to the city, up to this point the only information I knew was, that It was a fancy restaurant and it was in the city. So little did I know, Akhil had already asked for my parents’ blessing on the 25th of and spoke to my brothers about the proposal on the 27th of November.

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So here taking my time getting ready and Akhil told me to be ready by 11:00, however, me being me, I was running 45 minutes late. We then left urgently and made our way to the secret location. On the day to the location, we were singing and goofing around in the car just like normal. Akhil didn’t seem overly nervous and everything just felt like us.

Then we got to the location, we parked the car and I saw Pier One. I still thought at this point we were heading to a restaurant but I didn’t want to assume we were having lunch at pier one so I didn’t say anything. We got out of the car and Akhil told me prior to the date that we will be doing something after lunch so we need to bring spare clothes to change into for the fun experience he had planned. So Akhil picked up his bag and we began walking into Pier One. Up till now, I didn’t think anything of it as we discussed an engagement wasn’t happening this year.

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So we headed inside, and I began looking around telling Akhil, this place is super fancy and nice. Whilst I was looking around, Akhil began talking to the concierge. I overheard him say “I have a reservation for Akhil”. Then another member of Pier One came and informed us that there was something wrong with the key and the lunch area wasn’t ready. So he offered to take us to another area to wait while the lunch area got ready. He took into a room, at this point Akhil went a little quiet, however, I just thought it was a quiet area hence why. As the person opened the door, Akhil took my head and said “Bubba Close your eyes” as he held my hand.

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A little backstory, Akhil has done this when we have gone to nice lookouts, so I never second-guessed this. As I entered the room, I had my eyes closed and my hands were held by Akhil. After carefully stepping over into the outdoor area, I began to hear our song (Thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran). After hearing our sound, I had butterflies in my tummy and became nervous. Akhil then asked me to stop and wait for him, he continued to hold my hand as he went down on his knee.

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He then said, “Bubba open your eyes”. As I opened my eyes, I was speechless seeing him on his knee, holding an engagement ring and behind him, it said “Will you marry me”. I looked at him and the magical setup and said “bubba how”. He gently pulled me gently closer to him as he looked at me in the eye and said “Poonam we have taken an 8-year journey together, from having to sneak out to see each other and only being able to message each other once a day, through many challenges, during school and uni, and through all the happiest times of our lives. You have made me the man that I am today. You are the most beautiful, caring, capable and independent person I have ever known. I love you so much bubba, Poonam Priyanka will you marry me?”.

I was shaking and beyond excited, and with tears in my eye I said “yes yess bubba”.

After he placed the ring on my finger, we hugged each other like never before. I continued to hug him as I said “how and omg bubba”. Each time I looked at him, he had the biggest smile on his face, I have ever seen. Then I looked around to the magical igloo, I was in awe and it took my breath away as I saw the beautiful flowers, sign, grazing platter champagne, letter, pillow, cushions, candles, and rose petals. After shaking my nerves away, we sat down and cheered as an engaged couple. We then took a moment to soak in what had happened and then we Facetimed our families to announce it.

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After the amazing experience in the igloo, Akhil told me to change because he had another surprise for me. He took me to a private high tea experience. After soaking in and talking about what had happened, he then told me about his dinner surprise which was having dinner at our favorite restaurant Aria. We had a magical dinner, even though we weren’t hungry after the most exciting time of our lives. We had several people compliment the ring which continued to make my cheeks heat. The whole day took my breath away and there was a permanent smile on our faces. We then headed home to our families, Akhil suggested we go to my house first, which was a little confusing but I didn’t think anything of it. As I had my bouquet of roses and knocked on the door, I noticed candles flicking in the hallway. As I entered my house, there were rose petals and candles throughout the hallway. We got greeted by our families and Akhil’s family was surprised as they poured flowers on our heads. I was speechless to think that they were all here. Seeing everyone beyond happy, smiling, and congratulating us meant more than anything. It was the perfect end to the most magical day of our lives.

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