Polina and Asha

How We Met

Our story starts in December of 2016. Neither of us can really remember the time or day but one afternoon Polina & I matched on Bumble. We were both fresh to the Miami, South Florida area and wanted to find friendship with people who shared similar interests. Looking back, it’s crazy to think how easily this couldn’t have happened. A simple swipe left would’ve changed everything. As you can imagine, we both swiped right – intrigued by each other’s pictures and biographies we made a match. At first we started off with casual conversation about what brought us to Florida & how we both had a passion for photography. After some days we decided that it would be nice to meet up and explore the city together & take photos around Miami.

We met & hit it off right away. To this day we reminisce about the magic we had in Miami & how the energy we felt while doing photography there inspired us. Since that first meeting we became great friends and met up with each other 3 more times until I had to return to Boston & Polina to Russia. Any normal person might think at that point the story ends; what’s the point in trying to pursue a relationship with 4,000 miles in between? The truth is we didn’t have a relationship to begin with. The 4 times we met in Florida we didn’t even share a single kiss. However, when we both went to our respective homes the conversation didn’t stop & our bond seemed to grow only stronger.

In the summer of 2017 Polina & I were talking one day when I suggested to her that if she was interested in coming to USA again she could stay with me in Boston & I could introduce her to the photography & media production business I was doing up here. It took some figuring out but afterwards she said “Yes!” & the plane tickets were bought.

How They Asked

Fast forward once to November 2017 when Polina arrived in Boston & once again to April 1st of 2018 – No, not April Fools Day or Easter (that year) but the day I proposed to Polina. Earlier in the day we attended an Easter service with my mom. I knew that today would be the day I popped the question. We left the church, dropped my mom off at her house and I told Polina we can either go into the city and walk there or go to beach on this unseasonably warm day; she chose the beach. Little did she know wherever she chose I had a destination in mind I would take her to propose at.

Nantasket beach has been a favorite place of mine since childhood. I knew Polina loved being outside in nature and she also was very fond of being near the ocean so it was a no-brainer that this would be the right place. We parked the car & before we got out of the car I patted myself down to make sure I had the ring on me. At this moment I was at the peak of nervousness in my lifetime – I brushed my hands against my jeans to dry my palms before grabbing her hand and leading her to the coastline. I was a bit choked up on what to say nor could I pick a great spot to ask her. She could sense my anxiety and asked me multiple times if something was wrong. I told her “No.” & continued walking. Eventually we got to a nice part of the beach where there are large rocks lining the beach wall and I suggested we sit on one where the sunshine beamed down on us.

She suggested we walk further down the beach – so we did. Maybe 5 minutes passed before I couldn’t handle the pressure anymore and I stopped and told her I had to tell her something. Before I got on one knee I proclaimed how the post 6 months I’ve learned so much about myself, that I’ve really enjoyed the time we’ve spent together & how it was destiny that brought us together in Miami. I knelt down slowly & held her hands as I looked in her eyes and told her how I was nervous to do this but I love her and that feeling is stronger than anything. I presented her the ring & her eyes lit up. I then asked will you marry me and she was essentially speechless as she nodded her head in excitement. I slipped the ring on her finger and stood up immediately to kiss & hug her. Luckily there was an older couple a few feet away that watched the whole thing happen, congratulated us and offered to take a picture. We stayed to chat with the couple a bit more about our story and what it’s like to be married. They’d been together for over 30 years & have us some great advice. From there we walked back to the car & the entire time Polina admired how the diamonds in the ring glistened in the sunlight. The rest is history.

Special Thanks

Bailey Q Photo
 | Photography
World's End Park
 | Location