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How We Met

Logan and I had mutual friends and had seen each other for the first time at a charity function. I thought he was gorgeous and tried to get his attention by bumping into him… But all I got was a quick glance and a “Sorry”. About a year later, my roommate and I were having dinner and “Tinder-ing” together. When Logan popped up, we both stalked his profile and decided to give him a good swipe. The next day was our first date, We moved in together within a week. And now after almost two years here we are!!

how they asked

I was on vacation with my family in Italy, we were gone for about 10 days… Logan and I had never been apart longer than a day or two so it was pretty hard for me. We still talked daily but it was just difficult being away from someone you spend every day with for so long. The last couple days of our trip my uncle, nana, and I went to Venice. It was so beautiful, I was sending Logan pictures all weekend. He had never been to Venice before so I wanted to make sure I sent him every detail I could.

On Sunday evening my family and I were picked up by Gondola to take us on a little tour and would be dropping us off to a restaurant we had made reservations at. A few minutes before getting on the Gondola, I called Logan (who was at home in Michigan) to check in, see how his work day was, etc.

He had asked me to video the Gondola ride, so he could feel like he was right there with me. About 20 minutes into the Gondola ride there was this beautiful bridge with A LOT of people on it. My Uncle (who was videoing the Gondola ride for us) even said “Wow look at all those people on the bridge”… I looked up and a HUGE Poster dropped down with a picture of LOGAN and I!

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The poster read “Worth the wait?”… I ABSOLUTELY LOST IT! I could not control the tears, the worst “ugly cry you have ever seen”.

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And of course, just above the sign was my handsome soon to be Fiancé, wearing an Italian Fedora trying to hide in plain site as long as he could. The Gondola driver (who was clearly in on this) pulled over to a small set of stairs where I jumped off and into the love of my life arms. Before he even started his little speech to me, a violinist popped out of nowhere and started playing “Marry Me” by Bruno Mars. Mind you this entire time I was uncontrollably balling my eyes out with the WORST Ugly cry you have ever seen..All of which is clearing caught on video and in many many pictures. This was undoubtedly the most embarrassing, amazing, and unforgettable day of my life!

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