Platinum Same Sex MAle

Proposal Ideas In a helicopter over the Malibu ocean.

How We Met

EJ's Proposal in In a helicopter over the Malibu ocean.

how they asked

We have been dating since 9/11/08.

Growing up in a strict catholic Filipino family, I never knew having a same sex marriage was ever an option. When same sex marriages was legalized, RJ and myself automatically knew that we would get married one day.

We are now approaching our 10 year anniversary so we knew that would be a perfect time to get married. He surprised me on Tuesday, November 28, 2017. He told me to clear my schedule and go with the flow. I’m such a planner and knew this wouldn’t be easy for me. I initially thought he got me tickets to Hamilton but little did I know, he had a proposal planned!

He told me to be ready by 1p and a driver came by to pick us up. When we passed the theater, I knew something was up. We ended up at the Burbank Airport where there was a private helicopter waiting for us.

We got inside the helicopter and flew all over Los Angeles. It was breathtaking because we have never been on a helicopter and you can’t get better views then that. As soon as we were flying over the Malibu ocean, RJ grabbed my hand, pulled out the ring and told me “The world is ours and we can do anything as long as we are together. Will you marry me?” Those words will always have a place in my heart. The helicopter then lands on a cliff and we have a private picnic, take selfies and say how happy we both are. RJ is not a romantic guy and he surprisingly planned this entire proposal on his own. It was absolutely perfect and we can’t wait for our wedding on 9/9/18.