PJ and Heather

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I woke up on Sunday morning. It began as any regular Sunday. We woke up and I made coffee, while he ran out for bagel sandwiches. I thought it was a bit odd that he was gone for almost an hour, but he told me the place was packed. I later found out where he had been all that time. He told me to wear something nice, but wouldn’t tell me where we were going. Part of me wondered, could it be? Could today be the day I’ve been waiting for? We just celebrated our 2 year anniversary the weekend before and we had spoken about the possibility, so the thought had crossed my mind.

So I asked him where we were going. He looked at me and smiled. “We’re just going for a stroll around the park.” I looked outside. It was cloudy and I had a feeling rain was on the way. ” Really?” I responded. “It doesn’t look too nice out there. Why are we going to the park?” Again, he just smiled. “Don’t worry about it.” He did ask me where the umbrella was. Around 1:00P.M. we got into his car and headed out for the park, apparently. As we drove down the road, a little drizzle began to cover the windshield. It began to pick up and I said something. He didn’t seem worried, which kind if surprised me. Within about ten minutes, we pulled into Horseshoe Lake, in Succasunna, NJ. We parked in a gravel lot and got out. It was definitely raining heavier now, and everything had me wondering where the heck we were going. Again, he did not seem worried about it. He held the umbrella in one hand and a to-go coffee in the other.

We walked around the lake holding hands. He said we would just take a quick lap. We weren’t even half way around and there was a bench right near the water. He said let’s take a seat. There was a garbage bag sitting on the bench. He moved the bag and we sat down. The rain started to pick up a little bit more. But what was weird, he kept looking around. What was he looking for? I shrugged it off, but still had no idea what the heck we were doing standing in front of a random bench that had a garbage bag on it. Not to mention the rain was still coming down. He kept looking around and then said, “is that a fish?” I looked, but didn’t see any fish swimming around. Then he pulled out his phone and sent a text. I asked what he was doing, but he told me he wanted to check the weather. Then it happened! He threw the umbrella and began to pour the coffee on top of the bench. It wasn’t even coffee, but water. The second it hit the white bench a message seemed to appear out of nowhere. There it was. Right in front of me.

Tears instantly filled by eyes as a read it. “Will you marry me” He got down on one knee and pulled out the black box from his pocket. He said the words. “Heather, will you Marry me?” “Yes” I responded. He then slipped the ring onto my finger and we kissed. Then I saw my sister, and his three brothers. They were there hiding in a nearby gazebo with a camera. A random couple behind us took photos with my sisters phone. The stroll around the park was actually was where he asked and where I said yes. It had all been set up and planned out. Everyone knew, but me. Earlier in the day, when he went to get the bagels, he had actually gone to his parents where the ring had been since he bought it. My fiance is a stone and concrete mason and is really talented. He told me that we would have this bench forever. I thought it was too clever. I attended Syracuse University and they have a kissing bench that we visited in April. The story says that if you and your significant other kiss on the bench you will one day get married. Now we have our own kissing bench that PJ said is made from a very durable concrete that will be with us forever. Just like our love for each other, the bench is forever. It’s currently sitting on our front porch. Every time I walk by it, I can’t help but smile. We are planning for a summer 2018 wedding.

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