Pj and Carlo

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How We Met

We met through mutual friends. We didn’t really start talking to one another until we both started working at Mcdonald’s. We would find little reasons to speak with one another; silly things most of the time. Carlo would purposely be late to work just so I would call him and see where he was; and of course this would be something we would talk about the whole day at work. It wasn’t until he went to go visit some friends at school one weekend that we both realized we missed seeing each other & we hadn’t even been on a date yet. I think we knew even then that this was something we didn’t want to miss out on or mess up. Carlo was trying to make everything as perfect as possible. We were going to watch a movie, the first pick was Anchorman, a movie he thought I would find really funny. A few minutes in and I just wasn’t feeling it, so we changed the movie to Ocean’s 11. To this day whenever I see it on it brings me back to that first date with him and all of those over excited jitters.

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how they asked

After being together for six years, Carlo finally popped the question! It was perfect, completely unexpected, and couldn’t even believe what I was hearing at first. We were at home talking about how he had bought me too many Christmas gifts so, he offered to give me one early. After saying no a few times I finally gave in. Carlo said he had one that wasn’t wrapped yet and to close my eyes. Being completely oblivious, I sat with my hands over my eyes and when he told me to open them, he was on one knee with the ring in hand. I immediately asked if this was real; being together for so long it was always something we spoke about but at that moment I couldn’t believe it.

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