Pitbull Photo Shoot turns into a Proposal for Taylor and JJ

pit bull photo shoot proposal_6

How we met: From age of 18 I knew my bond with JJ was anything but ordinary. This man was my best friend and we had a bond that I never wanted to let go. We grew up together, learning and forming a journey that we could never imagine without each other. One thing besides our love for each other that we shared was our passion and little obsession (crazy dog lady :) ) with dogs. Rescuing them, loving them and it was a huge part of our lives. Both growing up at our parents homes we never lived without a four legged sibling. It was something that we shared with each other and it was special to us. As we got older and our future together grew more serious we moved in together. At this time I had a female pitbull rescue of my own. I always said over and over to my friends “if he didn’t share my passion for dogs he would think I was crazy!” The minute we moved in together our next stop was the SPCA to rescue Kahlua a playmate. This brought Ruzzo into our story. All four of us became a loving pitbull family and started another passion of raising awareness to the Pitbull Breed. My little fashion boutique has an annual Pitbull Awareness Fashion Event. I couldn’t imagine life without him and our two rescues pitties. This is what leads me to our PROPOSAL!

how they asked: The week of his surprise proposal, my photographer for my little fashion boutique was having a Pooch Pics for a Purpose event to raise money for The Humane Society. Inevitably we had to get pictures taken by her and help the dogs! With my female pitbull being a little unpredictable with other dogs I had to ask her to take our pictures separately. Jj, Kahlua, Ruzzo and I live in a little old cottage in Edgewater MD where Brooke came to take the pictures. I got ready thinking we were just taking pictures with our pitties! When Brooke arrived she thought the same thing until JJ pulled her aside and said “I am going to ask Taylor to marry me, will you get her reaction?” Brooke responds “Right now?!”

Pit bull photo shoot proposal_1 pit bull photo shoot proposal_2
As we started taking pictures with our pitties in front our little cottage he pulled me close and gets on his knee and proposes to me! I was in awe that my best friend went above and beyond to plan the surprise proposal of my dreams, he included our love for dogs, our little cottage, and had it photographed by a great friend. I am still speechless and so blessed to be able to tell this story.

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Photos by Brooke Michelle Photography