Pilar and Cody

How We Met

Cody and I met through a mutual friend at a softball field, which is perfect for us because we both love sports! My friend Kayla, who is a very dear friend to both Cody and me, met playing college softball together and have remained very close. Once she graduated from North Georgia, she started playing slow pitch co-ed softball and just so happened to play on the same team as Cody. I would often go watch Kayla play softball. I quickly became friends with all of her teammates and began to hang out with them all of the time. The next year, I started playing with their team and we always had the best time. We found ourselves doing so many things together. I cannot remember a time when we all got together that Cody was not with the group. Cody and I very quickly became best friends. He was instantly a person that I could trust and confide in. I could tell him everything without judgement and get his honest opinion. He was my safe place. He had the sweetest heart with the most honest, kind spirit. That was something you could see right away and I could not help but love him. Cody is a best friend to many and a great friend to all. He would do just about anything for anyone. I had never connected with anyone on the level that we connected, and I cherished his friendship so much.

How They Asked

The day we got engaged started out like any other Saturday in Athens during football season. We woke up, got dressed and ready for the tailgate. Little did I know my life would change on that morning! We were at the tailgate and my younger sister, Hannah (who played a HUGE part in our engagement) asked if I would take a picture of her and her boyfriend by the UGA sign down the street from our tailgate. Cody and I walked down there with them, as well as Cody’s mom with her camera, I took their picture and we switched places for Hannah to take our picture. Cody got down on one knee, pulled the ring box out of his boot. In that moment, the whole world stopped and it was just us. I was so shocked that I could not even speak to say, “YES!” All I could do was nod my head up and down with a huge smile! Tears of happiness and joy just kept rolling down my cheeks. When I pulled back from hugging him and wiped my face, I turned around and our family and friends were standing there! I had NO clue that our very best friends were there. They were hidden until this moment. I was so overwhelmed with happiness and I was so grateful to share this moment with our family and our friends. When we walked back up to the tailgate, they had set up a tent with different goodies and good engagement food. The day just kept getting sweeter and sweeter! My mom and sister had so many thoughtful engagement pieces laid out for that day, and I am forever grateful! Many people had different roles in the engagement, and it would not have been possible without everyone’s help. For that, Cody and I are so thankful.

Special Thanks

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