Pilar and Tommy

How We Met

We met online using OkCupid! It seems to be the way people meet these days! :)  He sent me a message, we met for dinner and even though our first date was not magical.  I was tired and I wore sandals, he loves high heels on girls. If anyone knows me, I always wear high heels but I had a long day at work and was exhausted and was very close to cancelling the date all together. Our second date I wore high heels and won back his attention.  Even I was not aware about the disappointment from the first date. I learned about this later. Our relationship moved fast.  We met in October and moved in together in April.  We have been inseparable since.


how they asked

Tommy surprised me.  He is NOT a planner so the fact that he had created a Facebook event page and let all of our friends and family in about the proposal was beautiful surprise in itself.  He planned for months and months.  He took them all on his journey from picking out the ring to the day he proposed.  He invited all his friends and family on our day from Connecticut to Long Island.  This was the first time I met his parents and many friends and family. We live in California and we had been dating for about a year and a half before I got to meet his East Coast family.

My best friend came along with me, little did I know she was in cahoots with Tommy’s plans.  We took lots of pictures and enjoyed our friends and family.  All of a sudden, he jumped up on the bench to make a speech which is not unusual since Tommy loves to be the center of attention any moment he can be. lol! He thanked everyone for coming out and he then all of sudden he got very nervous and all I got was that he told everyone he loved me.  He then jumped down and got down on one knee and proposed.


I was very surprised and extremely happy. Tears just ran down my face and of course I said Yes! It was an unforgettable trip and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with Tommy.