Pierre and Ned

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How We Met

We met in 2014 and after lots of texts, our calendars finally aligned and we caught up over a lengthy lunch. After lunch I walked Ned back to his car and we spoke for another while. Just before he left he asked if he can give me a kiss. The kiss most definitely sealed the deal. From that moment on our love for each other just grew stronger and stronger.

how they asked

I have been planning this trip for nearly a year. All my partner knew was that we were going on an Easter Break to an unknown destination. We arrived at Sydney International and I have worked with the airline staff and immigration to get him checked in, and through immigration without him seeing boarding passes etc. Arriving at the gate, he had to look down to make sure he cannot see the boarding sign. First stop – Kuala Lumpur. We spent a couple of days here before moving on to our next destination. Again, working with airline and immigration staff we have managed to get him checked in, and through immigration without knowing the destination. On the plane, I have revealed that we’re heading to the Maldives for a week to relax.

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I have work with the wonderful Kate Elizabeth at Kate Elizabeth Proposal Planning for our proposal and the brief was for us to para sail into our very own private island in the Maldives for a champagne picnic. I then revealed an iPad inside a treasure chest where we watched a 7 minute video portraying our love story thus far created by a sand artist. I then had to dig to the bottom of the treasure chest to find a Cartier ring box to present to Ned! HE SAID YES.

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Special Thanks

Kate Elizabeth
 | Planning
Colour Profile
 | Photographer
Centra Ras Fushi Resort and Spa Maldives
 | Worked with Kate to execute the proposal