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Have you seen Santorini in spring? You have the chance now with this wedding proposal, where we chose a wonderful location of nature, at the top of a cliff where it couldn’t be more romantic than that. We know that the girl starts to suspect something when her love blindfolds her, but opening your eyes at the top of a hill, with flowers, a romantic picnic set up, the most magnificent view… It is too much!

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Kelsey met Pierre and they felt in love right from the start. Their love grew fast, and Pierre decided to propose to his beloved one.

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Pierre's Proposal in Santorini

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Pierre and Kelsey's Engagement in Santorini

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It was back in March 2017 when Pierre decided to surprise Kelsey with a wedding proposal in Santorini. He chose a beautiful spot at the edge of a cliff, and the scenery was so romantic. Flowers everywhere, champagne and strawberries enlightened this special moment, that brought tears to Kelsey’s eyes.

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