Pier Proposal in Grenada

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Many couples fall in love with the away-from-it-all appeal of Sandals LaSource Grenada. Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, this exotic haven comprised of innovative accommodations and stunning views, is the perfect setting for lovers!

Trent, a self-proclaimed romantic with a horrible poker face, utilized the idyllic setting of this Luxury Included® resort to propose to the love of his life, Erica. Read his story in his words:


“Our suite was everything we hoped for and dreamed about for 6 months! Room 6103, perfectly perched up in the South Seas with a walkout pool, little waterfall, and quick walk to the main pool”.


“Upon arrival, I met with the staff who would help bring the plan to fruition. I decided on doing a candlelight dinner and before dessert, Erica and I would take a walk from the beach to the pier. At that point, waiting at the end of the pier would be a heart-shaped surprise for my wife to-be. As I met with the team (telling Erica I had to go down to the front desk for a credit card issue), I started getting excited…and nervous. I exchanged some quick notes with Kadiedra (the candlelight dinner server) and Annie (the photographer) in the Living Room bar. I was so happy it was finally coming together”.


“Nerves were flying high as we prepared to get ready for dinner, and as Erica was getting ready to shower I let her know I was going to grab a beer and some wine for us to have as we got ready”.


“Just before dinnertime, we walked over and checked out the firepit in the pool. Then we walked back to the Living Room bar where there was a piano player and I began to dance with Erica. At this point, she is now laughing at me and just happy to have me away from my desk and enjoying some vacation time. I look over and see Kadiedra and Annie making their way right on time to the Living Room. I make up a reason to go a certain way through the Living Room so as not to spoil the surprise, saying I need a tissue to wipe lipstick off of me”!


“The dinner location was beautiful and both Erica and I are breathless. There was a pathway of candles, leading to a four-posted, sheer-trimmed setting with a candlelit table in the middle. Erica was amazed. I knew this was a hit! Kadiedra and Annie explained what was on the menu (we had personalized ones on the table) and how they would be capturing some moments throughout the dinner as well. Erica was extremely happy and any thought of weirdness and awkwardness of the day was out the window at this point because in her mind it was all for the surprise candlelight dinner. Dinner is going great; food and conversation are going smooth. Erica is looking up to the sky and talking about how beautiful the stars are. Dinner comes out and it is amazing! Kadiedra came to clear the plates and “informed” us that it was a tradition while the table was reset before dessert to take a walk out to the pier”.

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“Erica and I got up and began to walk to the pier. At this point, I think adrenaline took over and I was just filled with so much excitement. Finally, we started to walk down a candlelit path on the pier until we got to the stairs. At that moment, Erica could see the candles that made the heart shape with the words “Marry Me?” in the middle. She looked at me and I was getting down on one knee. I said a few select sentences and pulled out the ring from my pocket. The shock of the proposal had quickly been replaced with smile from ear-to-ear, followed by a resounding, YES”!

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