Taylor and Justin's Picture Perfect Marriage Proposal in Montana

How We Met

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May 15, 2010 is the day I met the man I would marry. Some say that 80% of people have already met the person they will marry by 16, lucky for me it was true. I have always believed that life has a funny way of working out whether it be how you imagined or not. As Justin picked me up for a “blind” movie date I remember feeling overwhelmed with butterflies as we headed to the movie theater to see Alice in wonderland. Two young teenagers shyly holding hands, and exchanging favorite musicians, foods, and hobbies. After dating 90 mile apart it was just easier to be friends, and we continued to be a part of each other’s lives. Fast forward to November 19 2011, and a few dates in between, Justin and Taylor were together once again, skipping the shy stage and jumping right to “I love you”. Turns out that feeling had been mutual since day one as a 17 year old boy and a 16 year old girl.

As time went on I decided that I wanted to be baptized and confirmed into the Catholic Church, and the date was set for April 19, 2014. We thought it was funny the date landed on the nineteenth because it was already special because of Justin’s birthday, along with our anniversary. Then, one day were rummaging through some of Justin’s things where we found his first bible. On the front page there was the date Justin was Baptized, April 25, 1992, well everyone that happens to be the day I was born on two years later. Some people would call that coincidence, but I don’t believe in coincidences!


how they asked

As our 5th Christmas together circled around Justin surprised me with a couple’s photoshoot so we could have some nice pictures to hang in our room. Because I am so infatuated with pictures, I was beyond excited. On the way to Red Lodge Justin told me that he couldn’t wait to someday marry me, where I replied in song “a little less talk and a lot more action”, and we laughed it off. As we arrived we were greeted with a clear but windy day, so we decided to head to the mountains. There we tromped around in the snow and dragged our little beagle puppy around to get a little family photo (much more difficult to get a puppy with one heck of a nose to sit still than I thought). Fed up with the wind we headed back to town to get some more pictures. We headed up the Bridger hill because I was so adamant to get the local ski mountain in the background of our pictures. It was now time to change outfits and our photographer Joel Langton told me he wanted to get some shots with me focused in the front and Justin slightly blurry in the background. Having seen these types of photos on Pinterest I was all for creating this shot. I stood in front of Justin, ok so I was dancing around like a goofball with my back to Justin.

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Our photographer then asked me to step back to get a better angle, thinking I was funny I took one giant, awkward step back. He then asked me to step back again, I did. One more step back and I was asked to turn around, I did. There he was, down on one knee with the ring of my dreams shaking in his hand as he looked me in the eyes and asked “marry me”. I couldn’t believe it, I was frozen in disbelief, my mind rapidly attempting to process what was happening. I finally got ahold of myself and grabbed him for a big hug after asking if he was serious 10 times. I couldn’t help but cry, hug, kiss, and repeat.

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Finally on the side of the road with the mountains I grew up under in the background I said yes, and Justin slipped my beautiful engagement ring on my left hand. I was so shocked with disbelief that I had not figured out something they had been planning since June. Everything felt like a dream and I couldn’t wait to tell all our loved ones the news.

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We headed to Pizza Co. to meet my mom for her birthday lunch and as we walked into the restaurant, I was surprised with not only my mom but my dad, brother, Justin’s mom, stepdad, and three sisters. If you guessed more tears, you’re right! Apparently everyone had known for weeks, keeping an enormous secret from nosey little me. After all the excitement we headed home to billings, and on the way home I asked Justin how he picked today to do it, where he pointed out that it was December 19…and another 19 was added to our list of specials.

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