Picnic Proposal with the Whole Family

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Hazel and I met in college…. she had just joined a Sorority that was close to my Fraternity. As soon as I met her she captured my attention and I thought of her as a genuine, humble person I could really relate too. We became close friends, and with the help of some music, ice cream and the Hoboken Waterfront we fell in love.

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I knew she was my perfect match and with out a doubt in my mind I decided to pop the big question. Creativity is really my niche in life and so I went through a lot of different scenarios on how I would ask. In the end everything came out perfect!

In planning the moment, I thought of a few thing we both love, family, friends, and picnics. After months of research I invited family and friends to a surprise engagement picnic at a beautiful winery over looking the Hudson Valley, NY. I knew this was a big risk. What if she said no and the whole family was there? I overcame this with a little help from our closest family and friends assigning everyone a letter to spell out the big question. “Will You Marry me?” I knew having my parents, her mom, sisters and my brothers at my back would make the moment special and blow the word NO out of her mind.

Hazel thought she was going to a simple family picnic, but after walking out of the winery towards the family she found us lined up on the hill top with white T-shirts spelling out the question that had been on my mind for months. I walked out from behind our family with a question mark on my shirt and dropped to one knee watching tears of joy roll down her cheek.

I asked “Dama will you marry me?” and she yelled “Sure!” I grabbed her into my arms and I can honestly say this was the happiest moment of my life.

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Hazel Escobar , I love you with all my heart and I look forward to sharing my life with you from now until forever.

Photos by Gricel’s Photography