Amanda & Matthew's Adorable Picnic Proposal Idea

Picnic Proposal IdeaMatt always tells me I Facebook stalked him, and maybe I did! But the first time I saw Matthew was online! We were getting ready to go into college, and our school had a page for incoming freshmen. Some classmates were adding people beforehand to make friends in advance, so I did the same. Once I saw Matt’s picture come up I immediately thought he was so handsome I just had to add him! Unlike other classmates, Matt and I actually began to connect and talk almost everyday before we even got to school. He is from North Carolina, and I’m from Connecticut, so his southern charm quickly got my attention! I was so nervous, and so excited to meet him in person!

Once we actually got to our school – which was in Virginia- I’ll admit, that first time meeting Matt was awkward because we had connected so well texting and messaging back and forth for months and now we needed to make conversation in person! But Matt loved adventures and kicking-back in the same ways I did (I’m so glad he got me into fishing!), so we connected and became best friends almost instantly ! It wasn’t even two weeks after meeting in person before we began dating! The funniest moment was when he asked me to “do him the honor of being his girlfriend” under a picture of this large volcano, because I had told him once that would be my ideal date. Right after I said yes, he turned on the radio and a country song came on called “Brand New Girlfriend.” We laughed so hard, and it just made that moment so much more special!

That was back in August 27th, 2010, and now almost 4 years later he finally asked me to be marry him! What I really admire about Matt is his selfless drive to always make others happy, and the fact that he is a true gentlemen that love stories should be written about! Even from our first kiss, he asked if he could “have permission to kiss me.” Besides him being a secret romantic, he always puts the needs of others above his own, and that’s the way it has been for our relationship as well. He is the kindest person I know, and I am so lucky he chose me to be his wife!

how they asked: As ready as I was to become engaged to this wonderful man, I was still so caught off guard when I saw him on one knee! It started off as any normal day, I went to Matt’s home town in North Carolina to visit him for a week and had my best friend Heather visiting for a few days with me. Visiting him is always such a treat because since we finished college, we’ve had to deal with living 500 miles apart! So, similarly to other fun days in his town, we spent the morning visiting the local aquarium and sharing laughs. Finally getting hungry, Matt brought us back to his family’s house to grill us something yummy to eat.

As soon as he was finished grilling some tasty looking steaks, we all went inside to eat, but Matt took me by the hand and said let’s go back out. Confused, I followed Matt into the back area of his home were he had mowed out a path into the trees. As soon as we walked into the woods I saw a beautiful picnic table, decorated with sweet wildflowers and a dining set for two. Immediately I told him we couldn’t leave my poor friend Heather to eat alone- little did I know what was unfolding!

Picnic Proposal Idea

As I sat down, the first thought that came to my head was, “Oh my word, what if he’s going to propose!” when he quickly quenched that idea by saying, “This is to make up for the fact that I couldn’t get you that ring I know you were hoping for.” All he needed to say was that and I believed it! But, telling myself it would come soon enough, I enjoyed the delicious meal Chef Matt prepared and got lost in conversation. He even had his youngest brother Michael serve us our courses and bring us dessert! It was all too sweet !

When we finished, Matt told me he had to show me the real present he had for me. Confused as to why he was going so over-the-top sweet, I started getting butterflies just thinking about what could be coming next! He pulled out a scrapbook he made himself. It had various pictures from our four years of college we had spent together, and sweet notes and tickets from events and memories that we have had so far. We have grown through so much and made so many sweet memories it was beautiful to see how hard he worked to capture those moments! And he knows how much I love having pictures!

Finally, getting to the end he made me read a note out loud that was written inside. He mentioned how he knows how I cannot wait to be engaged to him, and that he wanted to make all my dreams come true! Then I read the last line out, still clueless as to what was coming next “So that being said….”, I read and flipped the page! There was a picture of Matt wearing what he was currently, holding a ring with the words “Amanda Joelle Uva, will you marry me?” I turned to look at him and he had already got to his knee without me noticing, and there was the ring! He asked me to be his wife, and of course I said yes!!

Picnic Proposal Idea

Picnic Proposal Idea

He was so sneaky, and so romantic that it could not have been more perfect for us! He even included blank pages after for our ‘Happily Ever After’ to be added in! In addition, his sister Abbie and my bestie Heather were hiding taking photographs so that we could share this moment and look back on it forever! It was a beautiful moment that of course brought lots of happy tears (seriously, like ugly crying tears) ! I am so glad to finally be his Future Mrs.!

Picnic Proposal Idea