Phuong and Tu

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How We Met

Tu and I met at BCIT. We both enrolled in the marketing management program, where we both ended up becoming class representatives. We met for the first time during the first class rep meeting, and was just friends for the first year. During the second year at BCIT, he moved closer to where I lived and we started hanging out more. We’ve become inseparable ever since!

how they asked

Initially we were supposed to spend New Year’s Eve on the island where Tu’s parents live; instead, he suggested that we spend New Year’s Eve in town with his friends and head over on New Year’s Day.

New Year’s Day rolls around and I wanted to take an earlier ferry so we could have more time with his family. We had talked about going up to Grouse Mountain for quite some time now, and since it was such nice weather that day, he insisted that we should go. I wasn’t at all suspicious.

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When we got up there, I wanted to go skating or get some hot chocolate. When I suggested this, he stumbled over his words and couldn’t answer me properly. Instead, he suggested that we check out the Light Tunnel instead (this is a trail with Christmas lights). I agreed, because I had seen it on my Instagram feed and have been bugging him for a while to visit it.

As we started walking towards that area, I spotted someone that looked like his best friend almost immediately. He was holding up a camera clearly snapping some pictures of us! I thought, “Aww Tu must be surprising me with couple pictures! ”

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I turned to Tu and asked, “Isn’t that Kai?!”

“Nah that’s not Kai! That’s just some random guy taking our pictures.”

“Huh?” But that was totally Kai! I thought.

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Super confused at this point, we take another couple steps and I see something set up in the middle of the pathway. Sitting there was a beautiful vintage table with photos spilling off of it onto the snow. Above it, was a frame made of gold roses and a “Marry Me?” sign hanging off of it. There were even beautiful fairy lights in tall glass vases surrounding the table.

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I thought it was so pretty, and started to say, “Oh look! What is that? Is someone getting -”

I remember Tu saying casually, “Oh really? I don’t know.”, while I was pointing out the “Marry Me?” sign to him. Instead, I see Tu smiling at me, while he reached into his jacket pocket. I couldn’t believe it when he pulled out a small red velvet box and got down on one knee.

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I was shocked to say the least!

“What?!?! NO! ” I exclaimed in disbelief. Then I noticed my extremely poor choice of words and nearly knocked him over as I hugged him, crying. Everything went fuzzy around us and I couldn’t even understand what we were both saying after that!

Needless to say, it was the most amazing moment of my life!!!

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