Phuong and Regan

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How We Met

On 6/30/17 I went on a first date with a guy so honest and sincere, never knowing that he would change my life forever. We spent a good 11 hours together. Going from lunch to the mall, to movies then end with dinner. But it didn’t feel like a first date and he didn’t feel like someone I knew for a week. He felt like someone I’d known for a very long time, and I know he felt the same because he asked me to be his girlfriend at the end of the date. There are right guys at the wrong time, wrong guys at the right time, and then there’s only one person in the world that I believe would fit in the right time and be the right guy category and that’s your soulmate. After that night, the rest is just smooth sailing for the both of us. A relationship so perfect and so fun, it should be written as a romance novel. He treats me better than the “perfect guy” I’d imagine in my head of how I want my future husband to be as a young girl.

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how they asked

A few days before the proposal, Regan asked me if I want to go to a symphony concert with him as he planned to propose after one. He needs to go to one for a music class. So we checked the Dallas symphony website and wanted to go to the one for Beethoven, I told him I wanted to go to the one on Thursday, 1/18/18 so he got tickets. So naturally, he kind of just walked me through the plans without me knowing. I suspected something since he kept asking if I can take off work the next day when we were having lunch before the concert. We were dressed up so nice, we were eating at an Italian restaurant so I thought out this would be a perfect day. How romantic and classy it is to get engaged at a Beethoven concert. I thought if he was going to pop the question, intermission would be the time because I want to enjoy the music. When that didn’t happen I just let it go and continue to enjoy the show.

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After the concert, it was 10 PM; we both had to work at 6 AM the next day so I was thinking more about sleep. When he took me home, we went inside and he helped me take off the 5-inch heels I’ve been in since lunch. At that point, I was exhausted and just kinda stared into space. When I looked down at him, Regan was already on one knee with the ring and I immediately went into shock and felt kind of light headed at that moment. The ring was placed in a Robbins Brothers box with a built-in light shining down on the most beautiful ring. My response according to Regan was “nooooo, oh my god, really!? Here!? Now?! Are you sure?” That “nooooo” kind of gave him a mini panic attack. But when I calmed down, it was a million times YES. The easiest YES in my life. And he did a great job of surprising me and that’s exactly what he wanted to do. He wanted me to enjoy the concert without distractions and ending it perfectly with a proposal.

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