Phuong and Chris

How We Met

My friend was his best friend’s girlfriend at that moment. I had just broken up with my ex-boyfriend and he had been single for over two years. Our friends thought we would be a good match and decided to hook us up. Our first date was a day in January 2012, and it was awkward because he brought his friend along with us. I did not feel any attraction from him, so we went on our ways and did not kept in touch. Six month later, I was still single. On June 26, 2012, my car was broken down when I planned to go get some boba milk tea. My friends were all at work, and I desperately need to drink it, so I went online, accessed to my phone account history, looked for his cellphone, and asked him out for a boba date. He changed his appearance and looked so handsome. Yes, that was the moment I fell for him.

how they asked

We were born and raised in traditional Vietnamese families, so there is no definition of showing affection in a romantic way. He bought me a 10k gold ring in May 2013, and promised that each year, he would upgrade it to another expensive ring. On August 24, 2014, as promised, he brought me to Kay at Westminster Mall to have my first upgrade. When we walked in, he said to the saleswoman if she could show us some nice engagement ring. I was shocked and gave him a what-you-say look. We bought a small and cute ring. According to the Vietnamese tradition, we had to host an engagement ceremony to formally introduce our parents and relatives, as well as the future groom needed to put an engagement ring on the future bride’s finger to officially announce our relationship. He took out the ring, and unexpectedly dropped down on one knee and put it on my finger. I really appreciated that he gave a romantic touch to our traditional engagement ceremony – which made many of our relatives jealous.


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