Phoebe and James

how we met

I moved to New York with the dream of working in comedy, but on my second day in NY my roommates and I were booted from our loft. Desperate for a home, I responded to a Craigslist ad that James and his roommates had posted for a room in their place. When I went to check out the spot (that he and his roomies lovingly called “BoiZone”), I worried James was too bro-ey. So, I asked him if he “was a feminist?” He said yes. So I moved in. Immediately, I started staying up late to hang out with James. He’s the most charming, kind, and out-right funny person. My crush was strong, but it seemed like a bad idea to date my roommate. But then he invited me to see Diane Lane in Chekov’s “The Cherry Orchard.” We arrived early, so we headed to the theater’s outdoor balcony to drink wine. I looked up and you could see the stars, so I told him, jokingly, to propose to me. James fell silent. It was so awkward. That’s when I knew he liked me too.

how they asked

I had a dream that James was going to propose to me on the theater balcony where I had jokingly asked him to marry me. When I told him, his face dropped. “It’s closed for construction,” James said. He had been planning on proposing there! So the night the ring arrived, I had a rehearsal, and he was going to recreate the elements of the balcony in our home. But when my rehearsal was canceled James’ plans were foiled again. It turned out perfectly though. We went for a walk (one of our favorite pastimes) across the Manhattan Bridge, and a little over half way, he asked me to marry him. I was so excited that I responded “will you marry me?!” He said yes. I said yes. And now we’re getting married!

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Hannah Jan Photo
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